Baked & Wired to 440K?

bakedandwiredAccording to Shaun Courtney of District Source, the owners of the popular Georgetown bakery Baked & Wired are negotiating a lease for ~4000 SF of retail space at The Lyric at 440 K Street NW. This new location would focus less on cupcakes and the sweets of the original location and more on breads and coffee.

This is more than the typical wishful thinking rumor mill stuff – Courtney’s article has no shortage of direct quotes from the owners in her article about their interest in Mount Vernon Triangle and the potential new concept. A new bread oven is currently being shipped in from France!

Ground floor plate (left); Potential 3 tenant layout (right)

Ground floor plate (left); Potential 3 tenant layout (right)

Presumably this new bakery would operate in the Tenant A space from the retail plat map. Berkeley Shervin of The Wilkes Company has been touting the Tenant C space as part of the eventual restoration of Prather’s Alley (4/5 down the page in the article) as a destination rather than a service corridor.

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440 K Street Apartments

So I dropped the ball and didn’t pick up on this earlier as I initially assumed 440 K Street was just Kettler changing the address on their upcoming 450 K Street apartments. But it’s an entirely different new project and is part of a modified plan for Mount Vernon Place. Yay for double the residential and retail development on the block.

440 K rendering by Davis Carter Scott (via MVT CID)

From the MVT CID Spring newsletter:

440 K will be the next apartment building to break ground in the Mount Vernon Triangle. With 234 apartments, 440 K will feature two rooftop terraces, a pool, private club room for social occassions, private balconies, and a fitness center. There will also be 9,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

440 K Street will be the fourth building completed in Mount Vernon Place, the two million square foot, mixed-use development of The Wilkes Company and Quadrangle Development Corporation. Designed by Davis Carter Scott, the building is anticipated to be complete by the autumn of 2013.

I can only assume 440 K has the potential to leapfrog 450 K in timeline for groundbreaking because 450 K has all the historical preservation stuff to work through?

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