MVTCID installs beehives at Walker Jones Elementary

Jeff Miller, Chairman of the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) and owner of installed a beehive at Walker Jones Elementary School on New Jersey Ave. Miller and team gave each child a taste of honey, put lotion on them made from Royal Jelly, and showed them a candle made of beeswax. Two of MVTCID Clean Team members, Site Supervisor, Tammi Mack and Lead Person, Larry Cotton, dressed as bees.

NBCWashington reports that the project is part of a larger program called the Mount Vernon Triangle Sustainability Initiative. It was created to promote environmental sustainability and bee husbandry. It will help students gain a better understanding of honeybees, their life cycle and honey production.

For more photos of the event visit the MVTCID’s facebook album.

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Mount Vernon Square becoming the epicenter of electric cars in DC

Editor’s note: Please welcome Chimney Sweep as a new writer to the Triangle blog.

425 Mass will offer two reserved parkings spaces to charge electric vehicles.

In the not so distant future Mount Vernon Square residents will be able to buy a brand new Tesla Roadster all-electric car and charge it up at the new charging station available in the parking garage of 425 Mass Apartments, all without leaving the neighborhood.

In addition to the Tesla service and sales store opening at 1050 K St. NW, 425 Mass Apartments will soon activate their brand new two-vehicle electric car charging station.

425 Mass Apartments recently partnered with Miami-based Car Charging Group, Inc. to install an electric vehicle charging station that will offer residents of the apartment community either 110v or 220v charging options for electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, or Tesla Roadster. The apartment complex has reserved two parking spaces in their basement garage for electric vehicle owners to use the charger, capable of charging two cars at once (one at 110v and one at 220v).

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425 Mass to have 1st residential electric vehicle charging station in the DC

Shortly after posting the item on Tesla Motors I was contacted this morning regarding a noteworthy related event. This Wednesday Janunary 12th the 425 Mass Apartments is holding a press conference to announce that they will be opening the FIRST residential electric vehicle charging station in the District of Columbia.

Benefits of electric cars include reduced fuel costs and lower fuel consumption, not to mention the concept at its core is dedicated to a sustainable environment and an economically strong, energy-independent America. Policymakers have recognized electric vehicles as a vital factor of environment and national security policies, encouraging adoption of this cutting-edge technology by providing tax credits and other financial incentives. By teaming up with Car Charging Group, Inc. to provide the first car charging station to DC residents, 425 Mass hopes to encourage the technology, as well.

Tesla Motors has agreed to provide a couple of Tesla Roadster cars at Wednesday’s event for the purpose of demonstrating how the charging station and electric cars work together.

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Birds and the Bees

The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) is completing a move into the old Madrigal Sales trailer at 901 4th Street NW later this month. The CID plans to make their new home active in more ways then one. With an eye towards ecological sustainability the CID will place birdhouses at the trailer and expects to locate Honeybee hives on the roof in the Spring.

Watch the video and visit for more information on the rooftop project.

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Urban Farm at Walker Jones Campus

In July shovels broke ground on an urban farm at the Walker Jones Educational Campus. The half acre site on the northeast corner of New Jersey Ave and K Street NW already has eggplant, tomatoes, beans, squash, pumpkins, beets, collards, an herb garden and sunflowers starting to peek out of the ground. The farm will be integrated into the kindergarten curriculum this fall.

Follow progress of the project at

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