Sixth Engine to Offer Summer Vacation Inspired Menu Items

Let's pretend they spelled "Vacation" right

Let’s pretend they spelled “Vacation” right

Sixth Engine will offer special road trip menu items each weekend this month. According to latest tweet from @SixthEngine The Carolinas will be their first stop on the culinary tour. You would think pulled pork would be a natural Carolinas item…

Expect future regional menu items from Southern California, Maine and the Great Lakes. Eater DC suggests the offerings will include a Double Double Animal Style, Frogmore Stew, lobster rolls, Chicago-style hot dogs and more. The regional food items will be accompanied by beers and drinks to complement the virtual vacation experience.

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Sixth Engine Christmas Tree Lot Returns

Christmas trees are once again for sale on the front patio at Sixth Engine. Just as they did last year, the operation will be run as a non-profit raising funds for the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation (

Sixth Engine tree lot (Nov 2013)

The lot is open after 4pm on weekdays and 10am on weekends. The tree selection includes Douglas and Fraser firs ranging from four to eleven feet and prices from $40 to $140.

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Sixth Engine on Cooking Channel

On Tuesday 7/30 @ 9pm ET – Sixth Engine, Boundary Road & Birch & Barley will be featured on “Road Trip with G. Garvin“.  The show airs on the Cooking Channel.
Sixth Engine is having some fun with this and will host a viewing party -
- The dish featured on the show for Sixth Engine by Chef Paul Madrid is: Grilled Shrimp with black eyed peas, tasso ham, sauteed spinach and sherry butter. This will be Sixth Engine’s “special” all week, including the night of the airing.
- They will offer popcorn in the bar area and offering “Lights & Locals”  for $3 & $4 all night!
$3 “Lights”: Miller Lite & Bud Light.
$4 “Locals”: Brewers Art Ressurection, Rams Head IPA, Port City Optimal Witte, Port City Essential Pale Ale, Evolution Summer and Flying Dog Atlantic Lager
- Also available is their  “Company Cocktail”  a craft cocktail that changes daily!

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Sixth Engine brings The MacRib back!

Beginning Thursday May 16th and available through Memorial Day Weekend, Sixth Engine will bring back “The MacRib Sandwich”. Chef Paul Madrid uses a blend of 100% real Smoked Pork Shoulder and 100% real Pork Belly (grounded) to create the patty. The patty is then grilled and glazed with house made barbecue sauce then topped with red onions and house made pickles. Naturally, The MacRib is served on a sesame seed brioche bun.

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Sixth Engine One-Year Anniversary Event

Sixth Engine will celebrate one year in Mount Vernon Triangle by opening their doors and their kitchen to the neighborhood.

Danny Lee from Mandu and Casey Patten from Taylor Gourmet (neighbors & friends) will join Sixth Engine Chef, Paul Madrid in the kitchen on Thursday February 21st at 10PM. The trio will be serving small bites to friends, family & fans of the neighborhood eatery that are inspired by each chef’s favorite dishes at their counterparts restaurant.

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Sixth Engine: Brunch

If firefighters ate brunch, this is what it would be like: filling– but not too heavy, flavorful—but not too pricey, savory options—along with sweet, and plenty of delicious “breakfast” cocktails to wash it down.

My boyfriend Boris and I visited the new restaurant that sits not even one block away from my apartment this past Sunday. Brunch was on our minds. The Sixth Engine website recently went from empty stub to fully functional and includes the new brunch menu.

For those that didn’t get enough alcohol to drink the night before, Sixth Engine offers brunch cocktails ranging from $6-$9. This is a deal, as many of the same cocktails are listed on their main drink menu for $11. I had the “Shandy,” made up of beer, lime & lemon juice, ginger syrup, 
maple syrup, orange bitters & fizz. It was light and refreshing, and I could picture myself drinking it in the warm sunshine out on their patio (set to open mid-April).

Boris got a Bloody Mary, made in typical style with vodka and “Sixth Engine house mix.” I was excited to report to my roommate Megan that they had a Bloody Maria on the drink menu as well, as she is known to substitute tequila for vodka in her brunch drinks.

The potato hash was recommended as one of the best dishes on the menu, so Boris got that. It consisted of corned beef, poached eggs, and hollandaise stuffed into a twice-baked potato. It is served with buttered toast, and really hits the spot. Price: $13

I ordered the English toast: English muffin bread, vanilla batter, clotted cream, & black currant syrup. The bread was fluffy on the inside with the perfect crispness on the edges. The black currant syrup tasted unlike most artificial syrups served at brunch, and had a real fruitiness to it. Price: $11

Brunch is available both Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If brunch isn’t what your stomach is calling for, their lunch menu is available as well.

We traded dishes back and forth until we were full. Neither of us could finish off the English toast. As for the potato hash, not a crumb was spared.

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Sixth Engine to open Friday Feb. 10th

Update: Sixth Engine will be closed on Sunday and Monday and then will be open for both lunch and dinner beginning on Tuesday.

After visiting for a tour on Saturday I had a chance this evening to sample the menu at Sixth Engine. First thing you noticed on the menu is everything from drinks to food is priced to end with 6 cents (.06). Our table was a big fan of the specialty cocktails which are made with fresh juices. I didn’t take pics or notes about the impressions my peers had on the food as I was more in social mode than blogging mode. But I will say I loved my Beef Rossini entree. The delightful dish is tournedos of beef tenderloin, foie gras pierogies, & black truffle madeira jus. The quality of the beef cut was sublime and medium rare I requested was executed perfectly. The foie gras adds a tasty and unique dimension to the pierogies.

Beef Rossini at Sixth Engine

The Beef Rossini pictured above is courtesy of Sixth Engine’s facebook album. It would seem they are close to opening – possibly Friday. I’ll update this post when I hear something more firm.

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Sneak Peek at Sixth Engine

This blog has been tracking all the news and progress about Sixth Engine since the ownership group first applied for the liquor license in summer 2010. Along the way we learned last August that the initial plans needed to be scaled back to fit solely within the historic firehouse building due to leasing issues. Despite the setback the restaurant is still an ample sized at roughly 3900 square feet.

Sixth Engine (website | Facebook) is now on the brink of a February opening. Over the weekend Jeremy Carman was gracious enough to provide me a tour inside the restaurant at 438 Massachusetts Ave NW. I’ve included some sneak peak pictures in this post. Please keep in mind that the interior of the buildout is not yet completed nor was the space staged before my visit.

Sixth Engine exterior, red doors on left serve as main entrance

Follow the jump for the photos:
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