Safeway: How much did you save?

This weekend our brand new Safeway has been offering deep discounts on selected items and 10% off orders of $50 or more with use of a Club Card. How much have you saved?

I haven’t even dipped into my coupon book, didn’t buy any big ticket meat items, didn’t take the free dozen eggs, yet I saved $44 (28%).

Elsewhere on the blogosphere:
Q Street News says “Look! It’s a REAL GROCERY STORE in DC!!” and Renew Shaw says “Safeway Amazes!

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Fenty cuts ribbon at Safeway

Those are some big scissors:

Fenty at Safeway ribbon cutting

Photo includes officials from Safeway, Lowe Enterprises, Mayor Adrian Fenty, Deputy Major Neil Albert and ANC6C01 commissioner Keith Silver

Some protesters for the Franklin Shelter tried to interrupt the press conference. We’ve recapped news about the Franklin closing back in May.

UPDATE (9/12/2008 6pm): DCMud covers Fenty’s visit with “Safeway Opening brings commerce to Mount Vernon Triangle“.

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First impressions of the City Vista Safeway

First impression of the new Safeway: Outstanding

Check out the Flickr set, read the Yelp Reviews, PQLiving’s writeup, and, most of all SHOP, as the promotional sales are amazing right now.

I’m a little too burnt out to write a master piece review right now. So I’ll just run off some facts on the Safeway.

  • Largest Produce area in the Safeway’s eastern division including exotic fruit.
  • Will receive new fresh deliveries 7 days a week
  • Store has a full-service scratch bakery. You can special order breads shaped like crabs and gators. =)
  • Two aisles of wine and a full-time wine steward
  • Safeway’s first full-service nut bar
  • Prepared foods including hot foods, sushi, olive bar, soup, etc..
  • Meat department will marinate your meat upon request – free of charge
  • 6 Self Check out stations
  • Floral department with balloon station
  • Starbucks and Bergmann’s cleaners
  • Special shopping carts for parents with kids that are equipped with videos
  • Standard shopping carts have wheels that lock if you try to remove them from premises
  • Coinmaster (also Lotto eventually)
  • Management has an extensive secret shopper program to evaluate employees.
  • Access to underground parking via escalator and elevators
  • Store hours will be 5AM to Midnight
  • Store will employ 150 almost exclusively from Zipcode 20001 and adjacent ZIPs

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WaPo: Gourmet Safeway Opening Downtown

Today’s Washingtonpost includes an article entitled Gourmet Safeway Opening Downtown.

Some quotes:

“No retailer ever wants to be first,” said Bill McLeod, executive director of the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District. “Safeway is going to be such a huge traffic generator that it’s going to signal to other retailers that this is a great neighborhood.”

The once blighted area is slowly attracting new retailers. Locally owned Fifth Street Hardware opened this summer, and popular bar and coffee house Busboys and & Poets is expected to open within two months, McLeod said. The neighborhood hopes to attract more retail and restaurants, though McLeod said development has slowed with the economic downturn.

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Safeway pre-Opening on Thursday

Earlier today Safeway had a VIP event with executives flying in from California. On Thursday there is a RSVP tour with the district manager at 2pm. A pre-opening for the public begins at 4pm and ends at 8pm. The grand opening will be Friday at 8am and Mayor Fenty will arrive at noon for a ribbon cutting.

I’ll be attending the 2pm tour and plan to take plenty of photos. I’ll create a flickr stream and post them Thursday evening.

UPDATE (9/11/2008 10:35am)PQLiving attended yesterday’s VIP event and has some photos and impressions.

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MVT CID press release on Safeway

The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVT CID) issued a press release today on the new Safeway opening on Friday September 12th. The City Vista Safeway is store number 2737 and has an official address of 490 L Street NW.


The CityVista Safeway will include some of the company’s latest features such as the first Safeway in the city equipped with a nut bar, wine cellar, and an open-flame hearth oven within the full-service scratch bakery. The hearth oven, where Artisan breads will be baked fresh daily, will be the focal point for the full-service bakery with the nut bar offering a wide selection of warm, ready-to-eat nuts that can be flavored or ground on site to create spreads and peanut butter.

Customers will be able to enjoy the new amenities found in many Safeway stores, such as a Starbucks Coffee bar and Bergmann’s Dry Cleaners, along with the more traditional offerings of a pharmacy, full-service deli, meat counter, floral shop and seafood department.

We reported last week that the store hours will be 5AM-midnight and that Mayor Fenty will attend the ribbon cutting at noon on the day of the grand opening.

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