Road Trip Nation visits our Neighborhood

A lime green bus from Road Trip Nation has been parked on the 900 block of 4th Street NW in the Mount Vernon Triangle the last two evenings. The bus is marked with a #FirstGenRoadTrip twitter hashtag.


A little internet research suggests this bus is affiliated with a public television show that takes young adults on a road trip to meet and interview people who inspire them across the country to learn from their stories, and to share that experience with others. Does anyone know more about their specific visit to our neighborhood in DC?

Road Trip Nation FIRST-GEN Roadtrip map

Road Trip Nation FIRST-GEN Roadtrip map

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Travel Channel to film at Chinatown Coffee on July 24

The Travel Channel, on a mission to introduce the world to popular food trucks and quick-serve food vendors across the U.S., will be taking to the streets of DC on Tuesday, July 24 to meet and film some of DC’s favorite food truck crews.

Their final stop of the day? Chinatown Coffee Co. for a Happy Hour event with the Fojol Brothers food truck!

Join us this TUESDAY, July 24 from 6:30-8:00pm for Happy Hour drink specials – $3 beers & a great selection of wine and absinthe – and some of the best food on wheels.

The truck will be parked on the corner of 5th and H Street NW . So grab food from Fojol and bring it inside to eat, drink, and make your international TV debut!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter (@ChinatownCoffee) for event updates.

Visit for more information.

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NPR Highlights ambitious MVT preservation efforts

National Public Radio Headquarters (for the time being) sits across K Street from all the construction activity of the AAMC headquarters project. The endeavor of moving five historic structures on the site to make way for excavation has generated a great deal of curiousity and fascination. Robert Siegel and Melissa Block of All Things Considered hosted an informative 8 minute segment (audio | transcript) on the transformative project with sound bytes from Expert House Movers, DC Preservation Society, Douglas Development, architect Shalom Baranes, and Kebrab Tekla – a resident who sold the townhouse he lived in for 25 years to accommodate the site assemblage.

Expert House Movers move MVT buildings on wheels (Doriane Raiman/NPR)

Hat Tip: @pency87

My favorite excerpts from the transcript:

On one building having a history as a former brothel:

BLOCK: And in the middle of the block, there were a couple of faded Grand Dames built with when this was a thriving German immigrant neighborhood; three skinny Victorian-era row houses, and most recently one of them was known to be a brothel.

TYLER ANDERSON: I just told my guys, don’t touch anything.

BLOCK: I found Tyler Anderson outside that narrow three-story house. His company was reinforcing it so it could be moved without falling apart.

ANDERSON: There were saunas and whirlpools and walk-in showers, all on every floor. It was like oh, my God.

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Walking the Dog (Pack)

This video from VOA News features a local dog walker (who lives in the K at City Vista) taking her “pack” through MVT and Chinatown, down to the National Mall.

Hat Tip: Terri & Wendy

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Madrigal Lofts unit spotlighted on HGTV

Last night a first floor unit on the Madrigal Lofts was featured on HGTV’s Real Estate Intervention. I believe this is the first foray by HGTV into our ‘hood since Chris Chan’s episode of My First Place aired this past Spring.

Home Selling 101: De-clutter and Stage
Episode HREIN-410H

Jesse has decided to go to school full-time to earn his PhD, but he needs to get out from under his mortgage. His one bedroom condo is in a hip Washington location, but it might prove difficult to dig out a sale from underneath all the clutter. Jesse gets a tour of two comps and a refresher course on pricing from Real Estate Expert Mike Aubrey. Staging Expert Sabrina Soto and her team give Jesse’s bachelor pad a lesson in elegance, even assigning him some homework ? keep out the clutter. With the right price and Sabrina’s tutoring, can this condo graduate at the top of its class and sell?

I was not impressed with expert Mike Aubrey. The Chinatown comparable (virtual tour) he pushed on Jesse didn’t have parking included while the Madrigal Lofts unit does. Mike failed to acknowledge this important difference. Perhaps he was too distracted by his hang up with Jesse’s 3/4 height bedroom walls to properly evaluate the comps. How much of a concern is bedroom privacy in a 1BR unit anyway? In the end Jesse trusted his instincts and took his unit off the market rather than drop the price to Aubrey’s suggested level.

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Bon Appétit gives props to The Passenger

Via Young & Hungry we learn that The Passenger has been highlighted as one of the “The Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars” (nationally) in the August issue of Bon Appétit magazine.

One could happily spend an evening ensconced in the up-front booths, sipping a Moscow Mule at brothers Derek and Tom Brown’s Chinatown-area bar. But in terms of speakeasy appeal, you can’t beat the reservation-only Columbia Room in the back.

The Passenger is located at 1021 7th Street NW. For past blog coverage on this bar visit the Passenger tag.

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Upcoming episode of HGTV’s My First Place features the ‘hood

Reader Chris Chan sent  a heads up that he will be on an episode of HGTV’s My First Place this Thursday at 8pm.

For Chris Chan, buying a home in Chinatown would allow him to stay close to work in Washington D.C. and also stay connected to his heritage in a neighborhood he grew to love as a renter. After a long search in this expensive city and some tough negotiating, he finally gets a good deal on his dream condo. But surprise lending restrictions on new construction bring everything to a halt. For months, the only thing Chris can do is wait and wonder whether he’ll ever get to close on his first place.

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WaPo: Where We Live

The Mount Vernon Triangle is showcased in the Washington Post’s Where We Live feature this month. Look for it in the print edition of Saturday’s Real Estate section.

The article entitled From seedy to sought-after: D.C.’s Mount Vernon Triangle becoming urban village was contributed by the editors of Urban Turf.


“As of the first of the year, fewer than 100 new units will be available and all one-bedroom units are projected to be gone by March,” said David Mayhood, president of the Mayhood Company, which markets and sells condos. “With no new condominiums under construction, the current inventory will be gone by mid to late 2010.”

Photo Credit: Josh Howell Photo (via WaPo)

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