4th and Mass Bikeshare location relocated

DDOT has relocated the Capital Bikeshare station that was formerly at the northeast corner 4th & Massachusetts NW to a new location on 4th Street NW a few hundred feet south of H Street. The reason DDOT cited was construction related to the Capitol Crossing development over I-395. While the former bikeshare location seems a considerable distance from that future construction site apparently utilities need to be relocated on both the north and south sides of Mass Ave and the bikeshare station would have been in the way of that utility work.

Former 4th & Mass Bikeshare location in front of Papa Johns

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Carving Room buildout progressing

It has been nearly a year since we learned The Carving Room would be arriving to 300 Mass. Of late progress seems to be humming along on the buildout and tables and chairs can be seen in the space when the door is wide open. There is no ETA for opening yet – but it seems like the sort of news the restaurant will eventually share on their facebook page when ready to do so.

In the meantime, enjoy this article in the Washingtonian, that features quotes from owner Oded Weizmann about The Carving Room concept.

The Carving room will bring two dining styles to the 55-seat space on the outer edge of Chinatown: quick service at lunch for the office crowd, and a sit-down scene at dinner and on weekends with waiter service and a cocktail menu featuring infused liquors. The fare, and the philosophy, remains similar throughout. Homemade products are the focus, starting with the meats: pastrami, corned beef, roast lamb, turkey, and beef, which can be tucked between Lyon Bakery rye or a caraway-studded weck roll, hand-carved by the pound, or served on a Jewish charcuterie plate for dinner.

The rousing success of Wiseguys NY Pizza would seem to suggest this corner, which doesn’t teem with foot traffic, is still within easy reach of enough to residents, office workers and GU law students do brisk business if accessible price point.

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Wiseguys NY Pizza to open Nov 7th

This past Saturday night Wiseguys NY Pizza at 300 Mass had a soft opening event called 100 NY Pizza snobs. Invitees and those who wandered in off the street had a chance to get an early taste of the pizzerias NY style slices, garlic rolls and salads free of charge. Bagels will also be part of the offerings when the restaurant opens for business on November 7th.

I’ve had slices from Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s and other NYC pizza by the slice institutions at various points over the years. However while I love food I’m generally not one to remember every characteristic and attributes of past meals I’ve had. You can get that kind of comparative analysis from this Pizza Quixote review of Wiseguys. What I can say is that the pizza has a thin crisp crust and that it is not overwhelmed by toppings or sauce. I really enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken pizza and the spinach garlic roll I sampled on my visit. I overheard many Mass Court residents and Georgetown Law residents stating they planned to visit again and again.

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Caldo, Caldon’t

In late September we learned that Chef Alfio planned to open his Italian concept Caldo at Mass Court (300 Mass Ave NW). Last night I received an email from the Chef citing a change in plans.

I am sorry to say that we are not going to be taking the space in the Mass Court Building. We have come to the decision that we would need to be open a lot faster then the schedule placed before us by the space. This was decided after my team and myself weighed every option we could think of to make this work. I am very sorry we cannot serve the MVT area directly. We will be opening our second location (Zuppa Fresca) in 4 weeks in NOMA under the Loree Grand Building on 3rd and K NE. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully a restaurant will be able to break through the walls and set up shop in that space in the future.

Back when we first learned of the possibility of Caldo coming to Mass Court Chef Alfio posted in the comments that he hoped to be open by December. I was skeptical of that time frame. Since I began the blog I’ve just watched so many restaurants take a full year or more to build out from raw space. It can take two months just to get Pepco to turn the power on. Perhaps the Loree Grand will genuinely offer Chef Alfio a chance to open Zuppa Fresca more quickly than Mass Court ever could. That retail space in NoMA was originally going to be Gillian Clark’s Kitchen on K Street. Frozen Tropics reports that project did some of the permitting and buildout before folding which will transfer and therefore help expedite Chef Alfio’s plans.

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Caldo coming to 300 Mass

The answer to our recent question about what retail was coming to 300 Mass is a new Italian restaurant. Chef Alfio Celia will open a restaurant called Caldo. A menu on the restaurant’s website includes antipasto, minestra and classic Italian entrees.

Image from

Google suggests the Italian-to-English translation of the word ‘Caldo’ is ‘Hot’.

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Retail for Mass Court?

Apparently CBRE has signed one or more tenants for Mass Court (300 Massachusetts Ave NW) along 4th Street as their commercial real estate listing says they only have the 1300SF corner bay remaining.  A year ago when we first noticed their commercial availability it included four bays and 4370SF.

Does anyone know what tenant has signed to take space? I’ve heard rumors of a 7-Eleven, an Italian restaurant, and a daycare.

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7-Eleven to Mass Court?

Yesterday in the comments of a posting on Sixth Engine a reader suggested a 24-hour 7-Eleven convenience store would be opening at 4th & Mass NW. I don’t have any concrete tips from local interests to verify the voracity of this rumor. But it does appear that CB Richard Ellis, the landlord of Mass Court, is linked to a planned national expansion by 7-Eleven corporate. The retail space at Mass Court also easily fits the footprint desired by the franchise.

Is this a good addition? I’ll be the first to admit I frequently enjoy the convenience at the 400 Mass CVS and am no stranger to their late night hours. But what does the 7-Eleven offer us that the CVS doesn’t already? Slurpees and Taquitos? I’d probably stick with the self checkout of CVS if a new 7-Eleven wouldn’t offer more to distinguish itself.

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