January Crime Roundup – PSA 308 and 101

Editor’s note: Please welcome 6th Street Watch as a new contributor to the Triangle blog.

For the month of January, a total of 32 crimes were reported in PSA 308 (Mt. Vernon Square North of New York Ave.), including five violent crimes and 27 property crimes. Property crimes include burglaries, stolen cars and thefts from cars.  To put this in perspective – in comparison to January 2010, violent crime has decreased in the area by 50% and property crime has increased by 69%.
In PSA 101 (the Chinatown area south of New York Ave.), there were a total of 134 property crimes (an increase of 24% from last year) and 25 violent crimes (static from last year).

PSA 308 Map of Crime

PSA 308 Map of Crime; click to enlarge

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A few muggings this month on K Street have been brought to my attention by readers.

On Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at approximately 4:00 pm a man was assaulted by four males ages 13-15. The incident occurred on the 400 Block of K Street NW and the victim was robbed of his cell phone.

On Saturday, November 27, 2010 at approximately 8:00 pm a man was robbed on the 200 Block of K Street NW. The assailants punched the victim in the face and took his wallet and cell phone.

The MPD crime feed also notes robberies on the 900 Block of 4th Street NW and on 5th Street NW near City Vista in the last 30 days. No narratives were provided.

Stay aware of your surroundings and be safe out there.

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Shooting in Chinatown at 6th & H

A neighbor of mine said he was across the street when the shooting incident around 10pm on Sunday night at 6th & H Streets NW occurred:

There was a large group of about 50 teens and then I heard what I immediately recognized as a gunshot, and the teens started fleeing in all directions.  The police were on the scene in about 1 minute.

Newschannel 8 has a brief story on the incident. Apparently a 16-year old was shot in the right hip.

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Community meeting with Superior Court Chief Judge Satterfield

The Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association, Convention Center Community Association, and Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association are proud to jointly welcome District of Columbia Superior Court Chief Judge Lee Satterfield.

Thursday, March 4, 7-9pm,
Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Ave. NW

The Honorable Judge Lee Satterfield will be the discussion leader on criminal justice issues. This will be a prime opportunity for residents to discuss why repeat offenders are released into our neighborhoods, prosecution and sentencing of handgun offenses and violent crime, the handling of “victimless” crimes, and how neighborhood residents can best influence the criminal justice system.

Admission is free and open to the public.

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Press on latest PFZ in MVT

The Washington Post Express and NBC Washington feature content regarding the latest Prostitution Free Zone (PFZ) in Mount Vernon Triangle.

View more news videos at:

Andy Shallal’s sound byte referring to the PFZ as “comical” really stirred the pot. I guess I’m letting him off easy. He’s the social injustice guy, so preference for focusing on the percieved root causes rather than policing the existing problem is what I’d expect out of him. Getting upset at Shallal for that would be like getting mad at Denis Leary for telling dick jokes or CEOs for being conservatives. But I digress, why shouldn’t both the carrot and stick be used?

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MVT Community Bike Ride with Police this Thursday

The Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District (MVTCID) has organized the second edition of the annual neighborhood MPD bike ride. The ride will take place on Thursday August 20th beginning at 6pm at 555 Mass, wind its way through the neighborhood, and end at Golden Rule Plaza.

While I’m certain MPD is fully aware of the prostitute congregation at the 5th & Mass pocket park those participating in the ride should use this opportunity to express concern directly to the officers.

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Citypaper Sexist column highlights K Street sex trader

Jason Cherkis from the City Paper describes the life of a sex trader named Diane who drives her white Mercedes SUV to 6th & K Street NW to prostitute herself.

Diane has been a sex worker for about 10 years. Before the luxury condos, bright grocery store and trendy coffee shop moved in, the area used to be a real hang-out spot. 600 K Street wasn’t just a stroll. The block had a party atmosphere when she started coming around. Not every girl was a sex worker. But soon, she couldn’t help but notice the bills changing hands.

When Diane first started working, she used her earnings for clothes and accessories—what she calls “fashion.” Then she started using PCP. The money could more than cover her habit. She says the night of a Howard homecoming was her best—she made $2,500. But some nights are just a lot of standing around leaning suggestively against a Mercedes SUV.

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National Night Out ** UPDATED**

UPDATE [8/4/2009 2:37PM] I’m now hearing the PSA 101W NNO walk will begin at 7th & H at 6:30PM rather than Golden Rule.

National Night Out (NNO) is an annual event, sponsored by the National Association of Town Watch, that takes place on the first Tuesday in August. Each year, the Metropolitan Police Department actively participates in National Night Out by rallying community members throughout the District of Columbia to join with neighbors and police officers in their PSAs to be a part of this annual event.

I’m still trying to track down more hard specifics, but here’s what I’ve heard so far for NNO in the Triangle:

From Lt Royal:

“PSA 101 is going to do a walk from Chinatown to the Golden Rule building (1050 NJ Ave NW) for an ice cream social and then back. Starts at 6:30pm. Residents can use the walk to point out issues to the police”.

Additionally the MVSNA National Night Out group will meet at Safeway at 7:30PM.

UPDATE [8/3/2009 5:37PM]
From DNA President Miles Groves:

National Night Out is scheduled for tomorrow night, Tuesday, August 4. This year we start with an ice cream social at The Golden Rule Plaza located at 1050 New Jersey Avenue NW at 6:30PM.

Following this “meet and greet” social hour, Lt Craig Royal will partner with members of the 101W neighborhood for a community walk from Golden Rule along the K Street Corridor to Chinatown and back. Throughout the night crime prevention literature and discussions will be held for community members. It will be an opportunity to point out areas of concern along the walk as well as sharing other parts of the neighborhood that deserve greater focus. This is a great opportunity to meet with neighbors, walk the neighborhood, and discuss issues with police officers responsible for the downtown neighborhood.

This is an important way to show our support for our neighborhood police officers, so please try to attend.

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Going back to Cali… I don’t think so

In 1987 LL Cool J released a hit called “Going back to Cali“. A main line in the chorus was “I’m going back to Cali.. hmm, I don’t think so“. Well, I don’t think the abandoned car in the surface lot on the 300 block of K Street NW is going back to Cali either.

This car needs to go. I don’t care if it goes back to Cali but it can’t stay here. We don’t need this symbol of vandalism in the neighborhood or the tranny ho hooker shoe storage area.

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