Late Night Construction at 460NYA

On Thursday morning I received a concerned email regarding noisy late night construction at the site of the 460NYA condominiums. City Vista residents had been kept awake all night from construction noises. Irate over this disturbance they contracted DC’s illegal construction department and discovered Bozzuto had secured a permit for two months of night construction (9pm-7am from May 1st 2014- July 1st 2014).

460NYA Screen capture on May 8, 2014

460NYA Screen capture on May 8, 2014

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R-A-Y-S of Hope?

[UPDATED at 1:24PM on 9/26/13] A commenter pointed out an update on the Don Rockwell site by Landrum himself. The delay since late 2012 was related to permitting and installing the appropriate Fire-Smoke-and Grease Safety-Rated Duct by the landlord.

We first heard that Ray’s Hellburger proprietor Michael Landrum would be bringing a new concept to City Vista back in October 2010. A few months later we learned he had executed a second lease with Edens to double down and bring two establishments to City Vista. We rejoiced. But very little construction progress materialized. The space on 5th Street was reclaimed by the landlord in 2012 and Sweetgreen moved in.

Lots of glare, but if you look closely you can see RAYS letters

Rumor was that Ray’s Hellburger would still one day occupy the final retail bay between Mandu and Vida Fitness. Paper remained on the windows until this week. If you walk by now and peer intently into the windows you can see large unlit neon letters spelling R-A-Y-S propped up on chairs inside.
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Sweetgreen to City Vista confirmed

In early April we shared the scuttlebutt that Edens had chosen to reclaim the space leased to Michael Landrum as the restauranteur was not up to the task. At that time we suggested salad and frozen yogurt purveyor Sweetgreen would take over the 5th Street retail bay that Landrum intended to open Ryse in.

There is now visual confirmation that Sweetgreen has claimed the space as their 13th location. The windows are now papered with Sweetgreen marketing and they’ve tweeted that the secret is out.

Hat Tip: Shipsa01

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Rumor: Landrum concepts nixed for City Vista

RYSE: No more?

I was provided a tip earlier in the week that restaurateur Michael Landrum was deemed in breach of contract by EDENS for slow build out construction at his two leased spots at City Vista. That includes Ryse on the 5th Street frontage and what was likely to be a Ray’s Hellburger location on K Street between Mandu and Vida.

Last month the City Paper’s Young & Hungry column cited issues between Landrum and his contractor:

Last month, a D.C.-based general contractor, Genops Group, LLC, filed a series of lawsuits against Landrum and his company, MLRG, Inc., in D.C. Superior Court, charging the restaurateur with unpaid bills totaling a combined $348,483, plus interest, for construction work at three locations, including Retro Ray’s and Ray’s to the Third in Arlington, as well as the restaurateur’s yet-unopened D.C. bakery called Ryse, located on 5th Street NW near Mt. Vernon Square.

The same source anticipated that salad and frozen yogurt purveyor Sweetgreen would likely be taking the 5th Street retail bay. The potential retailers for the 2300 SF on K Street are currently less clear.

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Vida Fitness @ City Vista Open House on Saturday

On Saturday 2/4, Vida at City Vista is hosting a party to launch their group fitness programs.  The event is open to everyone and members and non-members can take the classes, enjoy the facility and take advantage of free giveaways all day.  The invitation is below.  The schedule is available on their website.

City Vista Launch Party

Saturday, February 4th

VIDA opened the doors at our 5th location at City Vista on Tuesday, January 24th and we’d like to invite ALL our members to help us celebrate the launch of our Group Fitness class schedule!

We’ll be hosting non-stop classes from 9am until 5pm on Saturday, February 4th.  VIDA City Vista is located at 445 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001.  Feel free to stop by or give us a call at (202) 289-8432.

Our Saturday class schedule will include Zumba, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, VIDA Body, TRX, Cardio Kickboxing, and a variety of fun Cycling classes.

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Changes at Safeway

The Safeway at City Vista (490 L Street NW) has made several changes over the last few months. Early in the year we noticed all the tables and chairs removed from the cafe space as the area was generally only being utilized by the homeless and employees. In July the Fifth Street entrance was closed due to reports of high levels of shoplifting (estimated at ~$11K/mo). A month later the store expanded operations to be open for business 24 hours per day. In September the store began asking to check receipts of customers upon exit to attempt to further squash shoplifting. Many customers felt this to be merely security theater than a meaningful way to curb shoplifting.

In late October Safeway had a mini-marketing campaign suggesting they would have a grand re-opening. I was mailed a reusable grocery bag and information on discounts related to the re-opening day. I was out of town that re-opening weekend and had some skepticism that there would really be much change going on.

On Saturday morning I did visit the Safeway and noticed a series of improvements. I was only in the store for a few minutes but here are my observations of the positive changes:

  • Former Cafe space now repurposed for greeting cards. This allows the aisle space the cards previously used to be allocated to product. Seems several aisles have been reorganized.
  • Two new Self checkout stations. Not next to the other self-check outs. They are at the other end of the checkout area.
  • Refrigerated beer area expanded substantially. Some of the wine aisle space was converted.

What other changes have you noticed? What else would you change? Let’s try to be forward looking and constructive rather than repeating the same gripe about a couple of bad experiences from two years ago.

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