Bake for Japan Sale at Busboys and Poets

Come treat your sweet tooth & help Japan…all at one event!

Some of our favorite bakeries, restaurants, and other businesses are hosting a nation-wide bake sale this weekend, with some sweet treats made by some of the most talented professional and amateur bakers around. Word on the street is that DC’s event will have sweets from the newest cupcake food truck (Cupcake Buggy) and Sprinkles cupcakes as well as… from you, if you would like to participate!

Professional and amateurs bakers, cooks, artists and musicians are coming together around food to make something big happen at the 5th street Busboys and Poets this Saturday, April 2nd. If you would like to participate, you can either bake something or come and eat something! All proceeds collected will go to Peace Winds Japan, a Japanese NGO dedicated to the support of people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. The organization is currently providing emergency relief to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan.

Baked goods will be accepted from 8:30-10am at Busboys and Poets. You do not have to be a professional baker but you do have to deliver your treats with a complete list of ingredients as well as a name for the item. If possible, baked goods should be individually wrapped. Japanese themed treats, such as green tea flavoured items or mochi are more than welcomed! If you want more information or plan to participate as a baker, please email Joelle at and don’t forget to spread the word on twitter with the hashtag #bakesale4japan.

This post was contributed by Mount Vernon Triangle resident and blogger FrenchtwistDC.

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French “Slam” Poetry at Busboys and Poets – March 31st, 9PM

French language music has always had a certain poetry to it, with more emphasis on lyrics, clever play on words and rhymes than on the actual melody. French music today is about more than Edith Piaf and Celine Dion. Following on the footsteps of the US, France saw the emergence of urban musical styles like hip hop and rap. Those are actually thriving in France right now but artists like McSolaar, Neg Marron or Doc Gyneco have kept their lyrics typically French with a great emphasis on puns, double entenders, suggestive phonetic combinations or the use of verlan (the practice of saying words backwords – verlan is the phonetic opposite of l’envers which means reverse).

One of the most popular hip hop style in French language music right now is “slam” a musical style that oscillates between hip hop, a one man show, poetry and verbal sparring. Here again, it’s all about words, and oftentime, songs are performed accapela, with no background music whatsoever. If you’re looking to experience this urban musical style for yourself, the 5th street Busboys and Poets will host one of the pioneers of Quebec’s hip hop movement, Webster, for a slam session of rhymtic poerty this Thursday.

It’s no coincidence that rapper Ali Ndiaye chose Webster – as in the American lexicographer and political writer – as his nom d’artiste. Having studied history at the University level, Webster has a genuine understanding of the historical context surrounding Quebecois culture and he widely considered as a “grassroots hip hop historian” (This Magazine). Webster will bring his fervor and drive to a unique evening of passionate (French) prose at the 5th Street Busboys and Poets on Thursday March 31st. Sponsored by l’Alliance Française de Washington and the Educational and Cultural Departments of the French Embassy in Washington, the concert will start at 9PM, free for Alliance Francaise members, $8 for general admissions. Registration is required at (202) 234-7911.

This post was contributed by Mount Vernon Triangle resident and blogger FrenchtwistDC.

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Watch Obama’s Health Care Speech at Busboys

I honestly still need to wade through all the spin on the Healthcare proposal such as the fearmongering that Obama’s plan would force senior citizens to tell the government how they want to die. I need time to evaluate the facts of what’s being proposed on the Healthcare issue before I personally decide whether I am in favor or against.

What I can attest, having attended a VP debate screening at Busboys in the past, is that the 5th & K venue has a good energy for the watching speeches and debates.

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Humanitini night at 5th & K Busboys

The Humanities Council of Washington is hosting an author event to discuss dating today at the 5th & K Busboys and Poets at 6PM this Thursday.

Humanitini: The Death of the Date
What’s a date? Is a date when a man takes a woman out and buys her flowers? When the two parties go “Dutch,” agreeing to split all costs? Or is the date now just a prelude to a “hook-up?” Join the Humanities Council of Washington for Humanitini night to discuss and debate the rules of contemporary dating. Invited guests include Janks Morton (What Black Men Think), Omarosa (The Bitch Switch) and Dr. Dana Treistman (District Psychotherapy Associates).

Omarosa? Isn’t she just one of those people famous for being famous? From what I hear she wasn’t effective at the business tasks on The Apprentice – just drama prone. Her wikipedia page says she has gone on to appear on 20 reality TV shows.

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Did Reagan Betray Main Street America?

Busboys and Poets 5th & K location hosts an author event with William Kleinknecht this upcoming Monday (Feb 2nd) at 6:30 pm. The discussion will be around his book THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America


Author Event, William Kleinknecht will sign and discuss “THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD: Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America”

In THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD, Kleinknecht offers evidence that Reagan’s legacy is not only a myth, but that he was arguably the least patriotic president in American History. His tax, regulatory and antitrust policies are responsible for the savings–and-loan bailout, the frenzy mergers of the 1980s and 1990s, the Enron scandal, the subprime mortgage crisis and the current economic downturn. He enacted wrenching social changes that have decimated small town life and undermined values that were once at the core of traditional conservatism. And thanks in large part to Reagan’s policies, the economic expansion that followed his election did little for Americans in the middle and lower income brackets—the same people he won over by fashioning himself as a small town Midwestern “Everyman.”

This reminds me in part of an infamous SNL skit with the brilliant Phil Hartman as Reagan.

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Miscellaneous weekend events

Thursday, December 11th, 6:30pm at 5th & K Busboys and Poets

Author event: Tracey Williams will sign and discuss Things Men Say: The Good, Bad, Naughty and Nice (A to Z). Posh has no trouble finding and dating men in the city. Her wanting or keeping them is another thing. Whether right or wrong, the men in her life always seem to deliver touching, humorous, or gritty sayings worthy of journaling her experiences into this delightful tale of the Things Men Say, Good, Bad, Naughty, and Nice

December 12-14 at 5th Street Hardware

The official grand opening of 5th Street Ace Hardware will be held December 12-14
  • All three days – 20% Off Bag Sale (10% on power tools & small appliances)
  • Friday – Buy 1 Get 1 Free Key coupons, good for a future visit
  • Saturday – Free Ace toolbox to the first 100 customers
  • Sunday – Free CFL light bulb to the first 100 customers
  • Plus raffles, sale items, treats and more!

December 12-13,19-20 at E Street Cinema

Tim from The 42 Bus points out that midnight showings are winding down before closing for the season. This weekend is Labyrinth while next weekend is one of my all time favorites: The Big Lebowski.

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Urban Turf: The Busboys and Poets Effect

The D.C. Real Estate website Urban Turf recently featured an article entitled Gentrification 2.0: The Busboys and Poets Effect.

The article makes several mentions of our 5th & K Busboys location. Several direct quotes from owner Andy Shallal are in the piece including:

“In the past few years, you have seen this sort of logarithmic change that has taken place, and I think much of it has been over zealous,” Shallal told UrbanTurf. “I think the idea of growing the city in a way that doesn’t have any connection with its roots or past is sort of short-sighted.”

“Gentrification can create a homogenized neighborhood; this obviously is not good for artistic and cultural growth,” he told UrbanTurf. “Culture and art exist in situations that have a healthy tension of diversity. Without this tension a neighborhood becomes bland and loses the personality that attracted people to it in the first place.”

Read More at Urban Turf

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Busboys and Poets new signs

Busboys and Poets has new signs at their 5th & K Streets NW location.

The signs light up at night and look pretty sharp – but my after dark photo came out blurry.

There are two events this week at the 5th & K location.


Tuesday, October 28 @ 7pm
Amnesty International Local Volunteer Group 536 (Adams Morgan) presents The State of Human Rights in the United States
Do Americans enjoy the full spectrum of human rights? Does our foreign policy promote or degrade human rights around the world? Join local members of Amnesty International and a panel of experts for a thought-provoking discussion on human rights in the U.S. Pose your own questions, enjoy complementary desserts, and meet folks passionate about human rights, both here and abroad! Featuring: Jumana Musa, Policy Director, Rights Working Group Folabi Olagbaju, Director, AI-USA Mid-Atlantic Regional Office.


Saturday, November 1 @11 PM
Focus In! Cinema for a conscious community. Screening of Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas.
From Venezuela’s Communal Councils, to Brazil’s Participatory Budgeting, from Constitutional Assemblies to grassroots movements, recuperated factories to cooperatives across the hemisphere. Beyond Elections is a journey, which takes us across the Americas, to attempt to answer one of the most important questions of our time: What is Democracy?.

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