New Mural By Jay Hudson on 7th Street

It’s no secret the Bicycle Space supports local street art. Before moving to their current location on 7th street, a beautiful photo/mural adorned the side of their I Street store. Once they moved to 7th street, they partnered with DCMurals and led bicycle tours around the city revisiting some of its best publicly funded street art pieces. So it’s no surprise to see a bold and colorful mural by Jay Hudson pop up on the boarded up storefront of their upcoming storage/office space on 7th street (next door to The Passenger).

Current image of the mural

What do you think of this temporary addition to the local street art scene?
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BicycleSPACE requests your support

See below from owner of BicycleSPACE. Normally I’d summarize this sort of thing as opposed to copy paste verbatim but I do not have PC/laptop access this week and don’t like to type anymore than I have to on an iPad. Anyway, BicycleSPACE is a great business and highly engaged in the community so please consider supporting them at

Hello folks,

I need your help.  Living Social and Chase Bank are awarding a sizable grant based on the following criteria, and my bicycle shop BicycleSPACE fits the bill perfectly:


•   Solid business & management team/owner;

•   Well thought-out and feasible growth plan;

•   Likelihood to succeed within a two-year time frame;

•   Positive impact on local/relevant community (e.g. job creation, meeting an unfulfilled need, etc.) and demonstrated local support; and

•   Energy, enthusiasm, creativity and passion for your business.

Though our means are and have been limited, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to provide a place which is friendly, helpful, and active in supporting and building community to make our city better.  In our short life-span, we’ve been voted the Best in DC by both the readers and editors of City Paper, we’ve attracted the most Facebook fans of any local bicycle shop, and our YouTube channel has almost 13,000 views.  We lead at least six free weekly moderate-paced groups rides where we’re friendly and respectful to both pedestrians and drivers.  We host two free weekly yoga classes, bike repair classes, host numerous free events, and provide assistance and financial support to numerous established and new organizations.

Our background is in working with bicycles, and we’re using this platform to make Washington DC an exemplary city for getting around by bicycle.  Bicycles help to bring people health, happiness, liberty, and when areas can provide safe infrastructure, bicycles can even help with economic revitalization.

Imagine for a minute if people in the city didn’t need a car, or if couples only needed to own one car.  By AAA estimates, each household would save over $8,000 on the average by going car-free or car-light.  Now multiply that by all of the households in the region, while considering that people who use bikes as their primary form of transport spend much of their money locally, and you can see the potential economic benefit that bicycles can bring to our neighborhoods.  With new local opportunities, new specialty shops, cafes and restaurants will open, jobs will be created, employees will be hired, and profits will be reinvested locally to create thriving, dynamic, and connected neighborhoods.  One day, perhaps, we could enable even local manufacturing and production and bring even more jobs back home.

We need 250 votes in just several days to qualify, and then we hope our accomplishments and business plan will speak volumes to the grantors.

If you would like to see this happen, please go to, click on “Login and Support” and search for bicyclespace to support us.

Many thanks and see you soon,

Erik Kugler

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BicycleSPACE hosts BikeSnobNYC

News of an upcoming event at BicycleSPACE:

Rub wheels with internet royalty.  Give cycling’s most notorious blogger a piece of your mind.  BikeSnobNYC begins his nationwide book tour at BicycleSPACE.

Join us for an evening social ride through the heart of DC with special guest, Eben Weiss.   Let’s see if we can make him bristle and earn his “seal of disapproval”.  Are you smug enough?

This party on wheels should not be missed–it promises to be at least 20% more laterally stiff and vertically compliant than anything else you can do on a Wednesday night.  Participants who can garner the most disapproval will win prizes.  Come dressed up as any of the types of cyclist that Bike Snob loves to skewer.  Tridork, Retro-Grouch, Fred, Lone-Wolf?  Extra points for a Mario Cippolini skin suit.

Be sure to find us at our new location on 7th Street by the Convention Center– Mount Vernon Square’s shoulder hair?!  Lend a disembodied hand to your friends and pass on the info.

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BicycleSPACE new location announced

A few days after announcing they had signed a lease, BicycleSPACE has revealed their new location will be at 1019 7th Street NW. The next to The Passenger and across the street from the DC Convention Center.

New location of BicycleSPACE is 1019 7th Street NW

The new location is smaller than the original space but figures to be only a transitional home. The announcement memo notes: “our choice allows us to be clear of the construction that is scheduled to be taking place in almost every corner of the Mount Vernon Triangle. As the dust settles and the streetscape improves, we will select a permanent home–back in the Triangle.

I’m sure Triangle residents appreciate that our bicycle shop made it a priority to remain as nearby as possible and has expressed an interest to return as soon as an ideal lease situation arises.

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BicycleSPACE signs a lease

Like the other tenants of 443-459 I Street NW our local bicycle shop BicycleSPACE is being displaced by the construction of a new apartment complex by Equity Residential. Thankfully they’ve finally reached a lease agreement for a new location.

I’m 99% certain I know the location of the new store. But I won’t publicly steal any thunder from their ownership to announce it on their own schedule (apparently at an event this Saturday). I will say they are not leaving Mount Vernon Triangle Square.

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BicycleSPACE and the DC Tweed Ride

The 2011 DC Tweed Ride took place on Sunday November 13th. Our local bike shop, BicycleSPACE, was an event partner and sponsor.  The event attracted roughly 800 riders many of which stopped at BicycleSPACE for an Olde Tyme photo opportunity with the photo mural backdrop BicycleSPACE stationed next to the store.

Lori Steenhoek of Capital Pixel filmed and edited the Tweed Ride video above.

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WCP: Gold Leaf Studios Will Shutter in January

As development of mixed use residential at 443-459 Eye Street NW prepares to move forward the retail tenants of those buildings have little time left. The Washington City Paper’s Arts Desk reveals that Gold Leaf Studios, the arts community in the blue & white warehouse building, will have to move out by January 31st, 2012.

Building photo of 443 I St from flickr user Kyle Walton

BicycleSPACE at 459 I Street NW is in the same boat. At the ANC meeting in March prospective buyer IBG Partners stated they hoped to keep BicycleSPACE on the site. But there have been reports that Equity Residential may have bought the project from Walnut Street Development rather than IBG. It remains to be seen how this all shakes out. But many of us hope BicycleSPACE can remain in the neighborhood some way some how.

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Community Bike Ride and Cookout August 2nd

Join Mount Vernon Triangle residents and the Metropolitan Police Department for the MVTCID’s fourth annual Night Out Community Bike Ride and Cookout. The ride begins at BicycleSpace, located at 459 Eye Street, NW on August 2nd at 6:00 p.m. and ends at Golden Rule Plaza, located at 1050 New Jersey Avenue, NW at 7:00 p.m. where the cookout will be held until 8:00 pm. Join for the ride or just enjoy the food with friends.

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