Message from Keith Silver

The following is a note from ANC Commissioner Keith Silver on ANC Election 6C01 he has requested I share:

Looking at these same election results: “I take this time to …thank the Electorate for their votes…further reinforcing the fact we remain a Democracy “OF” …the People… “BY”… the People…and “FOR” … the People”.

Again, my humble THANKS to THE VOTERS… for the fact, my Campaign of “ANC Experience and Proven Track Record” … Resonated “WITH” …the People!

Continued Best Wishes to Everyone 6C01: as collectively we build on this firm foundation and continue to strive…to make 6c-01 a “Model Single Member District”

Thank you all,

I’ve also learned that the challenger in the recent election, Marge Maceda, will be nominated by Keith at the January meeting to serve on two ANC subcommittees next year.

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Note from Marge Maceda on ANC 6C01 election

An update and personal note from Marge Maceda:

Dear area residents:

Thank you for your support during the election for ANC Commissioner. As of today, the Board of Elections has not finalized or certified the winner for the race in 6C01. At the present numbers, Keith Silver will have won the race by 8 votes. Once certified I have the option to call for a recount. I do not know yet whether I will do so.

Hopefully, Keith will recognize that with a vote so close that people in our single member district are not content with the way he has represented us in the past. I am volunteering to sit on the Alcoholic Beverage Licensing (ABL) committee and the Planning, Zoning and the Environment (PZ&E) committee for our single member district. Hopefully, Keith will ask me to represent our SMD on those committees.

Lastly, I am saddened by the way our ANC candidates represented themselves and the process of the Board of Elections at the polls. Several did not obey the “No electioneering beyond this point” signs that were quite obvious. One candidate even walked voters to the door to convince voters he was the right person for the job. Sadly, Poll officers did not do their jobs, but our candidates are given instructions about behavior at the polls and especially those looking to be reelected should have known the procedures.

I certainly offer my congratulations to those who won and wish you well as a representative of our communities.

Marge Maceda

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ANC Election Results

DCBOEE has published results of last nights elections including ANC results. The margin for Keith Silver over Marge Maceda is only 3 votes. While this includes results from voting precincts I’m not certain whether it contains absentee or advanced voting. This includes early votes, but not absentee, provisional (including same day registration) and curbside ballots. Given some ballots are not included in the total this race is too close to call.

In other races we were closely watching Mark Dixon defeated Rob Amos, Kevin Wilsey defeated Leroy-Jacob Smith, Rachelle Nigro triumphed in a 4-way race and Rickey Willams was unable to dethrone incumbent Doris Brooks.

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Vote Today

Registering and Voting

Mount Vernon Triangle residents who have not yet registered to vote may do so if they are a US citizen, at least 18 years old on the date of the general election, have lived in the District for at least 30 days and not claimed voting residence outside of the District.

Same-day registrants must bring with them

  1. A government document
  2. A bank statement
  3. A utility bill, lease or occupancy statement showing their complete name and address of residence in the District.

Election Day, November 2, Where To Vote

Ward 6 ANC6C-01/ANC6C-02 vote at the Walker Jones School gynasium at 1125 New Jersey Ave, NW
Residents at City Vista L, City Vista K, The V Apartments, Carmel Plaza, Golden Rule Apartments, Golden Rule Plaza and Museum Square

Ward 6 ANC6C-01/ANC6C-09 vote at the Chinese Community Church at 500 I Street, NW
Residents at 400 Mass, 401 Mass, 425 Mass, 555 Mass, Madrigal Lofts, Mass Court, The Meridian, and The Sonata

Ward 2 ANC2C-04 vote at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Library at 901 G Street, NW
Residents at Yale Lofts.

Your building not listed? Visit the DCBOEE Polling Place locator.

This blog endorses the following candidates for ANC:
6C01 – Marge Maceda
6C02 – Rob Amos
6C09 – Kevin Wilsey
2C03 – Rickey Williams
2C04 – Rachelle Nigro

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ANC 6C01 Endorsement: Marge Maceda

The ongoing blog coverage of the ANC 6C01 election race concludes with my endorsement for challenger Marge Maceda. I urge residents of the Triangle to vote for Marge Maceda on their ballot next Tuesday. My endorsement is based both on my observations of ANC6C the last two years and the due diligence I’ve done, and shared with readers of this blog, during the last two months.

In some contested ANC races around the city the challengers are wildcards with little, if any, documented credentials for the position. To vote for the challenger can be a giant leap of faith as you are unsure of what the candidate stands for and if they truly have both the energy and competence to succeed in the role. Our single member district is fortunate to have a proven civic leader like Marge Maceda run for the position. Marge lived many years in the Southwest community where she served as the President of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly for over 5 years. During her tenure as president of that civic association Marge worked closely with ANC 6D and gained valuable knowledge about zoning, permits, liquor licenses and managing quality of life issues. Her commitment to service is also evident in both her profession (school principal) and in our community (Treasurer at City Vista K). I feel very confident that Marge has the competence to handle the wide demands of the position and the commitment to be inclusive and transparent.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Keith Silver has his heart in the right place. He truly cares a great deal about speaking up for the unemployed and economically disadvantaged members of the community. Yet in my estimation this belief has manifested into an agenda that dominates his priorities and actions. At times his hyper-vigilance for this cause leads to unnecessary drama. The flood of emails he floated in September against the Walker Jones farm falsely attempted to cast the project as a “Land Takeover”. Other memos he has issued have used hyperbole as strong as “man made Katrina” to describe the demolition of Temple Courts. In June 2009 he preemptively picketed the future development site at 5th and I for violating the DC First Source Agreement when the project was still in land assemblage phase and years away from beginning construction.

If Keith was a model commissioner who capably handled the wide array of ANC responsibilities it could be overlooked that he occasionally stirred the pot with hyperbole. Unfortunately his participation on several major community issues has been largely passive. The civic leaders who successfully pressed to oust Fun Fair Video (a crack house masquerading as a business) informed me that the contributions from Silver on this matter were close to nil. Similarly Keith voted to support the voluntary agreements between residents and bars in the Triangle but left all the leg work to the neighborhood associations. Additionally I have not witnessed Keith formally serve on any of the major ANC6C committees that require due diligence throughout the month (PZ&E, ABL, Transportation).

Keith’s dedication to speaking on behalf of marginalized residents is valuable in a community that spans the socio-economic spectrum. I trust that he will remain a vocal leader in the community and DC First Source watchdog regardless of the election outcome. However the ANC commissioner role is best served by an individual that will actively engage in all facets of the job and remain calm in the face of disagreement. Marge Maceda is the best candidate for the job and deserves your consideration on election day.

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ANC6C01 Candidate Questions – Part 3

This posting continues the series of ANC 6C01 candidate questions between challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver. The 6C01 single member district is the most critical to residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle as all the residential hi-rises within our borders, with the exception of Golden Rule Plaza, fall within this district (boundary map).

To read the prior postings of this series follow these links: part one | part two

This past summer the Walker Jones School began a project to use surplus school land to start a community farm. Neither a public space permit nor a zoning variance was needed so ANC input was not required. Yet it is currently embroiled in controversy over lack of community input. Where do you stand on this issue and why?

Maceda: What a wonderful way to integrate young and old teaching and learning from one another to promote good health and healthy eating to our children. Many days as I go to work I see folks weeding and tending to the plants, I see children working to make their garden a cornucopia of good foods I have heard many residents asking how they can help, volunteer to help children and even offer to buy the produce so the children can begin again next year. Folks in our neighborhoods all have hearts as big as they are and are willing to support this project. The amount of pride for the children giving their product to a homeless shelter also teaches our children about responsibility and service to their community. Growing produce does not suggest that rats and mice will be feasting on the plants. Rodents prefer garbage. People deserve fresh grown healthy foods. When this garden began there were few people to consult with, now perhaps we need a committee/task force of gardeners and growers to offer our children the wisdom of there knowledge over the years through workshops and partnerships.

Silver: I am a 100% Pro-Green Commissioner, I along with 6C Commissioners Mark Dixon 6c02 and Lena Brown 6C03 have met with School Official along with Councilmember Tommy Wells and it is deterimined at this point that parcel of land is on Dept of Public School Property Research is being done at this moment to double check school boundaries with New Communities / Northwest One grid to determine exactly where that parcel of land and which jurisdiction has pruview. I support the school efforts until other information comes forth on this issue, if other info to the contrary surface we will continue to work with Walker Jones towards compromise which is in the best interest of all Stakeholders.

Editor’s note: Keith’s response to the question is very calm. But he did issue an ALL CAPs tirade against the farm in September.

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ANC6C01 Candidate Questions – Part 2

This posting continues the series of ANC 6C01 candidate questions between challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver. The 6C01 single member district is the most critical to residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle as all the residential hi-rises within our borders, with the exception of Golden Rule Plaza, fall within this district (boundary map).

For part one of the series follow this link.

As a commissioner, what will you be looking for from developers who are wanting to build in the Single Member District? There are planned development projects at 5th & I, all along K Street and the I-395 Air rights.

Maceda: When I lived in SW, ANC6D working with the SW Neighborhood Assembly were excellent negotiators. Developers were asked to give back to the community by employing residents to build the project by setting up apprenticeships leading to permanent jobs at excellent wages as journeymen. One developer was asked to supply space for the ANC offices as well as offices for the Civic Association with a meeting space for 150. Working together the civic association and the ANC encouraged a voluntary agreement and the developer built a great relationship with the community. Arena Stage entered an agreement to offer a Southwest Nite for all productions at a cost of $10 for residents. The Nationals have provided tickets camps and chances for the youth of SW to meet and speak with players as part of their agreement with with the community. Then Mayor Williams, took SW children to the very first game in Philadelphia as his guests for opening day. In our own neighborhood, we need to make our city leaders maintain the integrity of the Master Plan and follow it allowing activities to be on our sidewalks and park areas. There should also be a city representative who will work with the community to make that Master plan a reality, attend our meetings and give us updates when things are happening.

Silver: As ANC Commissioner for the past 4 years, I recognize the bottom line, by far is …that here in 6C01 residents are losing out on jobs because our government is failing to enforce its own law requiring local hires for taxpayer-funded developments as Mandated by the DC First Source, HUD Section 3, and other Provisions and requirements

we need aggressive oversight and enforcement of the District of Columbia First Source Program, which requires developers with taxpayer-funded projects to fill 51% of newly created jobs with District residents. We also need to ensure that the Direstraits Living Wage Act of 2006 mandating that city contractors pay workers at least $12.10 per hour is implemented.

We need to greatly improve job training programs in Construction Trades. Secondly, we need in this Single Member District to put young folk to work, and revitalize or start our own Summer Job Program, I say start our own because on the City Level, the youth program has been grossly mismanaged and allowed to waste taxpayers dollars. I readily without hesitation “picket these construction sites” it is the only option left to address the disappointment with the “Fuzzy Math” of the DC First Source Employment Agreement DC Law 14-24, D.C. Law 5-93, and Mayor’s Order 83-265

On one hand, Residents and ANC Commissioners recognize “on paper” the DC First Source Agreement… which holds Developers and Contractors responsible to meet their obligation that 51% of new hires are… DC Residents, …however, in reality, this simply just is not the case. I countiously protest “gigantic loopholes” in the First Source Agreement allows Developers, and Contractors to “tap dance” around the law by… simply by rotating their workers from site to site. Secondly, equally disturbing is the fact …. millions of dollars, and City Finances going towards these projects, in this City…single member district, yet …we only have one to three persons designated to monitor, these construction projects. …This isn’t exactly Rocket Science, we have here…I am urging DC Residents to go to your neighborhood construction site… take a visual inspection of the workers car tags, and suggests you have conversations or interviews with construction workers on site, … I am thouroghly convinced …it will become increasingly clear,… the DC First Source Agreement… is broken and in dire need of repair

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ANC6C01 Candidate Questions – Part 1

Updated (10/26/10 1:30pm): Mr Silver has provided his responses and I have updated the post to reflect them. Responses from both candidates are published completely intact grammar wise as I feel written communication competency is a qualification for the job. Some responses that went far beyond the requested paragraph/word limit were edited. In these cases I have only removed superfluous paragraphs that were either tangential or redundant considering information included in other responses. In these cases the theme of the given response was not impacted.

As promised after I published the ANC 6C01 candidate bios for challenger Marge Maceda and incumbent Keith Silver I have expanded coverage of this election race. The 6C01 single member district is the most critical to residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle as all the residential hi-rises within our borders, with the exception of Golden Rule Plaza, fall within this district (boundary map).

Both candidates embraced my plan for using the blog as a forum to spread word of their candidacy and agreed to participate. I issued a set of questions to the candidates  on October 14th and requested that the responses be submitted within 10 days. While my intention was to publish the responses from each candidate side by side Mr Silver is several days past due with his content. With the election less than a week away I feel the need to begin publishing without him.

Describe how you view the role of an ANC Commissioner.

Maceda:  As a commissioner, your first loyalty is of course to listen to the members of your single member district and what they feel are compelling issues. For example at 555 Mass Ave, they are being charged unexpected taxes for there vault underground parking spaces. A good commissioner would be helping that owner group to negotiate the system and to perhaps get those taxes lowered or eliminated. Valet parking during the rush hour at Buddha Bar should also be addressed, instead of jamming traffic up, they could be doing the valet parking from I Street. As a whole, your representative should look at the “big picture” of things happening and work together to address both good and bad. For example, noise/restaurant items are  happening throughout 6C and we should jointly work to solve these problems.

Silver: ANCs were intended to be an independent body that should voice the concerns of residents, give a community voice to ensure Developers, DC Government, and other Stakeholders to encourage them to recognize the concerns of the electorate, and Residents of our Single Member District 6c01. I further view, the main requisite to being an ANC Commissioner is one who is very, very passionate about the Single Member District they are fortunate enough to represent. That most certainly is my common denominator. An effective ANC Commissioner as a catalysis to ensure the DC Government works for “ALL” the residents in our Single Member District, 6C01. Our Single Member District 6C-01 is unique in the sense we are exact microcosm of the City, …we have the high-income District, 5 Star Restaurants, booming local businesses, however at the same time have Residents languishing in poverty and massive unemployment, lack of jobs and job training in the shadows of Development Projects, …yet this development projects are mandated by DC Law, to hire these same residents in question. ANCs were intended to be an independent body that could voice the concerns of residents.

As ANC Commissioner I have continuously, advocate for and implement solutions to the difficult issues that affect the lives of its residents. Throughout my career, I have led and worked collaboratively with others to make available programs and services to improve life for D.C. residents. I also spend a great deal of time simply ensuring that lines of communication between neighbors, residents, businesses and the government remain open and positive.

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MVSNA ANC Candidate Forum

This month’s MVSNA membership meeting will be held on Octoer 19th at 7:30pm in the community room of the Yale Loft condominiums (437 New York Ave NW). The main item on the agenda is the ANC candidate forum for single member districts 2C03, 2C04, 6C01 and 6C02.

The October edition of the MVSNA newsletter is available for download from

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Notes from the DNA’s ANC Candidate Forum

I attended the ANC Candidate forum at this past Tuesday’s DNA forum. Below are a few notes:

ANC6C01 race

This blog began coverage of the 6C01 election race last week with candidate bios as the 6C01 Single Member District (SMD) covers the majority of the Mount Vernon Triangle. The race matches up challenger Marge Maceda (bio) vs incumbent Keith Silver (bio). When given the floor both Marge and Keith explained their backgrounds to the audience – much of that is captured in the bios I’ve already posted. So my notes focused primarily on items we hadn’t heard before.

Marge Maceda has vast experience as president of the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly and has worked closely with ANC 6D in the past. That experience is outlined in the bio. At the forum we gained further insight as to what she sees as priorities for the SMD. Marge would like to see a dog park and places for children to play in the community. She also believes strongly that managing noise from businesses is a priority and detailed an ongoing situation with weekend noise from Busboys at City Vista. At the end of the day listening to her constituents and representing their needs is her top priority.

Keith Silver has been the 6C01 SMD commissioner for the past 4 years. Keith used his time during the forum to address specifics about what his major accomplishments have been during his two terms. The efforts included a list of picket protests he has launched or been a part of including 1) Closing of Fun Fair Video on 5th Street 2) Protesting the demolition of Temple Courts for not adhering to the DC First Source agreement 3) Protesting the 5th & Eye parking lot for two weeks straight despite historic snowfall 4) Successfully picketing the attempted removal of a mature tree at 4th and I.

From there Mr Silver talked for a few minutes about the “have” and “have-nots” in the community and his feelings on that. I don’t think I can articulate his words on this as his message didn’t entirely resonate with me. In one moment he said he’s never failed to answer requests from residents of the new buildings yet in the next breath he referred to the new buildings as “monstrosities”. In the end I think the theme was about job creation. Later in the month perhaps Mr Silver can explain the message in his own words.

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