Deputy Mayor to address ANC6C on 5th & I Development this Thursday

Three years ago the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Planning & Economic Development (DMPED) awarded the RFP for 5th & I to Donohoe/Holland. The winning bid from Donohoe/Holland included an international boutique hotel, art gallery, jazz club, cafe, bike shop and a residential component. Also of note was the expressed intent from the team to pursue assemblage along 5th Street to expand the project north to K Street.

Rendering of 2008 proposal for the Arts at 5th and I

Timing of the award was less than ideal given the economic climate in late 2008 and throughout 2009. The project was in limbo. At points we heard news that Donohoe was interested in potentially beginning construction of the jazz club in advance of the rest of the project and/or breaking the entire project down into two phases.

Recently residential construction all around the district is ramping back up but this project has remained stalled. The developer visited the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association (MVSNA) in June  and suggested the project needs to be downsized to move forward. Financing such a complex project remains difficult but a reduction in scope could help them clear that hurdle. It sounded as though the scope of assemblage would be reduced and the project would perhaps focus strictly on hotel and retail and remove the residential component. But this discussion was light on specifics – we were promised more explanation when the discussion went to the ANC.

Victor Hoskins

This Thursday Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins will address ANC6C at their full commission meeting (agenda) on the status of the project.

ANC6C Full Commission Meeting
September 15, 2011, 7 pm
Heritage Foundation
214 Massachusetts Avenue N.E.

Hoskins is a 2011 appointee of Mayor Vince Gray and may elect to blow this up and start with a new RFP. Or he may concede that the scope of the project should be reduced. It remains to be seen.

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MVSNA Board of Directors Proposes New Ward 6E Boundaries

A great deal of discussion has been occurring on the Ward 6 Redistricting Task Force (W6TF) blog about what the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and Single Member District (SMD) boundaries should be. In virtually all incarnations the Mount Vernon Triangle will be paired with Shaw to the North in a new ANC called ANC6E. What continues to be in discussion for this new ANC are eastern and southern boundaries and what the dividing lines for the SMDs will be.

The board of directors from the local Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association submitted their proposal for the ANC6E boundaries yesterday to the W6TF. See the map below. The numbers on the map respresent census population counts in the proposed SMDs. The darker the red the greater the census population density. When it’s all said and done SMDs must have between 1900 and 2100 in population.

ANC6E proposal from MVSNA - submitted on 8/2/11

This ANC 6E proposal has the following positives:

  • 7 Single Member Districts. Fewer than that can lead to ineffective governing.
  • Keeps I-395 Air-Rights project in this ANC. Several W6TF proposals have allocated it to the Capitol Hill ANC.
  • Maintains better economic parity by balancing Northwest One with some of the booming NoMA territory
  • Keeps the K Street Corridor from Union Station to Mount Vernon Square in one ANC.
  • Similarly keeps future streetcar alignment from Union Station to MVS all in one ANC.
  • Boundaries afford ANC6E some standing in Union Station Air-Rights development (Burnham Place) rather than leave ANC6C to be the only voice.

The biggest contention point would be the northern portion of NoMA. The Near Northeast neighborhood just east of the train tracks strongly prefers the area with the Harris Teeter, metro station, etc.. to remain in their ANC.

If you have thoughts leave them in the comments here or at the MVSNA blog or W6TF blog using the links in the first second paragraph of the posting.

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Mount Vernon Triangle Census Population

With the ANC redistricting discussions well underway several tools have been published depicting visual representations of Ward 6 population. Using the tool it appears Mount Vernon Triangle has a census population of 2840.

The block that contains Museum Square and the City Vista L, K and V contains more than half of MVT’s population. Unfortunately the Equity Residential Apartments at 401 & 425 Mass lacked residents during the period the census was enumerated.

The ANC redistricting process aims to create single member districts between 1900 and 2100 residents. The census population drives the metrics and future population growth that has already been achieved (425 Mass) or projected growth (in-progress construction at 425 L) is considered irrelevant.

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July ANC 6C ABL Committee Meeting

The ANC 6C Alcohol Beverage and Licensing Committee will meet tonight (July 5th) at 7pm in the Banquet Room at the District Chophouse (509 7th Street NW).

The agenda includes a discussion and vote on the liquor license application for TEL’VEH – the new wine bar coming to 401 Massachusetts Ave NW. The meeting will also discuss violations of the voluntary agreement of Chinatown Market (519 H St NW).

[Read more...]

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June ANC 6C PZ&E Committee meeting

June’s ANC 6C Planning Zoning and the Environment Committee meeting takes place on Wednesday and includes a non-voting agenda item related to the Bennett Group’s proposed development at New Jersey and H Streets NW. That is the Walmart project – expect the discussion to be limited to planning and zoning considerations not the retailer…

Follow the jump for the full agenda.

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ANC6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart meets Tuesday night

ANC Commissioner Keith Silver forwarded me an email entitled “ANC 6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart” on Friday. Below is the body of the message.

On behalf of ANC 6C01 Commissioner Keith Silver and committee co-chairs, I want to share with you the details for the next meeting of the ANC 6C01 Impact Study Committee on Walmart:

Tuesday, April 12th
St. Aloysius Church
North Capitol and I St NW

Enter through parking area on I Street next to football field.

We will be continuing our conversations about evaluating the impact of the proposed development at 801 New Jersey Ave and developing a community benefits plan. We’ll have reports from all our subcommittees (listed below).

Sorry for the short notice- we had trouble securing a location. Please rsvp to Mackenzie at this email or 202-213-6476 to let me know if you can make it.


  • Infrastructure and Impact: Joel Kelty and Stan Burgess
  • Local Business: Bobbi Krengel and Bill Sisolak (co-chairs), Kasia Tarczynska, Frank Glaslon
  • Outreach: Tonya Allen (chair), Deborah Mitchell, Wendy Weiner
  • Community Benefits Agreement: Mackenzie Baris (chair), Frank Glaslon, Kevin Rogers

We will hopefull have some new committee members with us on Tuesday night.

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ANC 6C PZ&E Committee meeting this Wednesday

The ANC 6C PZ&E Committee has several agenda items related to MVT on the docket on Wednesday including 450 K Street.

ANC 6C Planning, Zoning, and Environment Committee

Draft Agenda

March 2, 2011, 7:00 pm
NPR – Board Room West
635 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

1. 218 Morgan Street NW [BZA #18195] Application pursuant to 11 DCMR § 3103.2, for a variance from the lot occupancy requirements under section 403, and a variance from the nonconforming structure provisions under subsection 2001.3, to reconstruct a flat (two-family dwelling) with attic addition in the R-4 District at premises 218 Morgan Street, N.W. (Square 555, Lot 80). Representative: Nancy Green-Johnson (Owner); Hearing Date: 04/12/2011. [ANC 6C02]

2. 443-459 Eye Street, NW [HPA #06-064] Request for two-year extension for previously approved concept; Representative: Andi Adams, Goulston and Storrs; Hearing Date: 03/24/2011. [ANC 6C01]

3. 450 K Street NW [HPA #11-143] Concept approval sought for thirteen-story residential building on vacant lot; Representative: Paul Millstein, Douglas Development; Hearing Date: 03/24/2011. [ANC 6C01]

4. I-395 Air Rights Project; Discussion on changes to be submitted to Zoning Commission. Representative: Christy Shiker, Holland & Knight ; Hearing Date: 03/25/2011. [ANC 6C01]

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Community Meeting regarding proposed Walmart

Walmart rendering: 1st & H corner

When the news of the proposed Walmart at 1st & H Streets NW first broke we ran a poll to gauge reaction from our readership. The results were divided nearly 50-50 as to whether we liked the idea of Walmart arriving so close. One thing we did seem to agree on is that the renderings of the mixed use structure were quite impressive.

Here we are a few months later and Walmart has engaged the communities of each of the other 3 proposed locations with a public forum. Our community has yet to be extended the same courtesy.

ANC 6C01 commissioner Keith Silver is organizing a community meeting to gather resident  input regarding the proposed Walmart. The meeting will he held at St. Aloysius Church (corner of I St NW & North Capitol) on Tuesday February 15th beginning at 7pm. At the present time Walmart has yet to commit to send a representative.

[Read more...]

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Update on 924 5th Street

At this month’s ANC6C Planning Zoning & the Environment Committee meeting the owner of 924 5th Street NW outlined his renovation concept. The building is considered a contributing structure to the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District and changes to the exterior are subjected to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for approval.

The owner, who is a SVP at a commercial real estate firm, bought this property at auction in late 2009 and is managing this renovation as his own project under the title of 5K LLC. The renovation is being done on spec to improve a structure that has been vacant for over a decade and is in a decrepit state. The plan calls for demolishing a one story rear wing and erecting a four-story rear addition to the three-story building. The final product will be a 4 story building in which the top floor is setback and not visible from the street.

The improvements to the building are aimed at attracting both retail and office tenants. A few possible configurations are in play in which either the ground floor or the two lower floors could be leased to retail tenants. Depending on the retail outcome either 2 or 3 of the upper floors would be leased as office space. The owner suggested we may one day see a two story restaurant in the building or possibly one retailer on the ground floor and a different retailer on the 2nd floor as this blog suggested in the past. The structure will have roughly 1750 SF per floor with the top floor having less due to the required setback for the addition.

Attendees at the meeting mentioned the thread we had with 55 comments back in late 2009 proposing possible retail options for the site. Pet store and Nail salon continued to be a strong theme. 555 Mass alone is estimated to have around ~100 pet owners. Let’s reignite the brainstorming on retail wishes for the building. Italian restaurant spanning two floors? Pet Store on the ground floor and nail salon on the second floor? What are your ideas?

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