Long overdue progress at 924 5th Street NW

Signs of progress have recently appeared at 924 5th Street NW. New windows. Old white paint stripped off, etc… The owner of this property made the rounds to the ANC meetings for renovation approvals back in February 2011. It’s taken awhile, but we’re glad to finally see visible activity.

When we last heard in 2011 the landlord hoped to attract a restaurant tenant. Possibilities for this location generated a good deal of discussion in postings and comments in the past.

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Which Pie?

Based on the strong showing for a Pizzeria among the suggestions for 924 5th Street I thought it’d be interesting to run a poll. Of the choices below which Pizzeria would be your top choice to open in the neighborhood.

Which sit down Pizza place would you prefer for MVT?

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At one point Flippin and Paradiso were in talks with City Vista.

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Update on 924 5th Street

At this month’s ANC6C Planning Zoning & the Environment Committee meeting the owner of 924 5th Street NW outlined his renovation concept. The building is considered a contributing structure to the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District and changes to the exterior are subjected to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) for approval.

The owner, who is a SVP at a commercial real estate firm, bought this property at auction in late 2009 and is managing this renovation as his own project under the title of 5K LLC. The renovation is being done on spec to improve a structure that has been vacant for over a decade and is in a decrepit state. The plan calls for demolishing a one story rear wing and erecting a four-story rear addition to the three-story building. The final product will be a 4 story building in which the top floor is setback and not visible from the street.

The improvements to the building are aimed at attracting both retail and office tenants. A few possible configurations are in play in which either the ground floor or the two lower floors could be leased to retail tenants. Depending on the retail outcome either 2 or 3 of the upper floors would be leased as office space. The owner suggested we may one day see a two story restaurant in the building or possibly one retailer on the ground floor and a different retailer on the 2nd floor as this blog suggested in the past. The structure will have roughly 1750 SF per floor with the top floor having less due to the required setback for the addition.

Attendees at the meeting mentioned the thread we had with 55 comments back in late 2009 proposing possible retail options for the site. Pet store and Nail salon continued to be a strong theme. 555 Mass alone is estimated to have around ~100 pet owners. Let’s reignite the brainstorming on retail wishes for the building. Italian restaurant spanning two floors? Pet Store on the ground floor and nail salon on the second floor? What are your ideas?

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Better With Ezra?

UPDATED (2/2/11): While the owner of this property is a SVP at the Ezra Company (a commercial real estate firm) this is his own project and will be filed under the name 5K LLC.

In early 2009 the contents of the old High G Paint building at 924 5th Street were kicked to the curb. Later that year Mark Brody of the Ezra Company purchased the property for just $310,000 (possibly at auction). Shortly thereafter our readers chimed in with their desires for potential retail at the property. With so many suggestions we thought a two story approach had merit.

There is finally an indication that renovation is on the horizon with the property. A recent notice for the January Historic Preservation Review Board meeting has 924 5th Street on the docket.

Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District: 924 5th Street, NW, HPA #11-107, concept/four-story rear addition to three-story building and demolition of one story rear wing

The HPO meeting takes place January 27th at 10am in Room 220 of One Judiciary Square (441 4th Street NW).[Updated: HPO pushed to the February meeting]. We should learn more details after the hearing. My bet would be a small office project.

[Read more...]

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Can’t pick one? Go with two and stack them

Lot’s of debate in the discussion on retail suggestions for 924 5th Street. Very strong support for a nail salon from the ladies and some loyal husbands. Others lust for a more inspired choice.

Perhaps the compromise is a Nail Salon on the second floor with one of the other discussed options such as a pet store on the ground floor? It was brought to my attention that Annie Nail Salon in Georgetown is on the second floor of a row house.

I think most in the community would view that as a creative win-win. Would it be a non-starter for the new landlord? My loose understanding is that the vision is for the 2nd and 3rd floors to be bundled together as office space. If a second floor use doesn’t also also consume the third floor it may render the top floor too isolated to easily lease.

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Vacant buildings take steps towards progress

Our last report on the saga of the “Ledo Building” at 433 Mass was that the city notified to the owners that the building would be demolished if it remained unsecured. It turns out this has closed the chapter on the Spriggs family as the bank has sold the property out from underneath them.

No details yet on the identity of the new owner or their plans for the property.

In other news on old buildings in the Triangle, the old High G Paint building located at 924 Fifth Street NW has been sold. This 3 level structure lies within the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District.

The new owner of this property is interested in placing retail on the ground floor and has approached the MVT CID for suggestions. What type of tenant for this 1300 1650 SF space, that is just steps away from 5th and K, would both flourish and complement the existing uses in the neighborhood? Suggestions I heard at the MVT Marketing Committee meeting included a chocolate bar like ACKC, or a housewares store like Home Rule. What are your thoughts? Keep in mind the size constraints of the space.

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High G Paint out on the curb

The contents of High G Paint Company (924 5th St NW) were emptied from the building out onto the sidewalk on Tuesday. A For Sale signed was posted with contact information for Reza Rofougaran of Stein & Associates.

When was the last time High G Paint was open for business? How big is the space and what future uses could you envision?

Hat tip: MVTResident

UPDATE (3/11/09 11:20AM): The building is for sale for $950,000. The 2010 property tax assessment is $869,360. The structure resides within the Mount Vernon Triangle Historic District.

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