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  1. Tom

    This comment form requires you to print out the form, circle what you prefer, and scan the document back into an electronic document before emailing to Ziemann. That will dampen response. The planning office should have employed a Google spreadsheet as they did with the Downtown Parks survey.

  2. Yeah, the use of this kind of document as a way of obtaining public feedback is bizarre.

  3. agreed & ddot has been informed but…i dont think they intend to fix it. just email chris Z. directly with your 2 cents:)

  4. FourthandEye

    If you haven’t clicked through to the Greater Greater Washington summarization of the various alternatives below is the high level synopsis:

    Alternative 1: moves the bus-only lane on 7th street to the curb (eliminating the parking lane), and adds a two-way cycle-track to 9th street. (Diagram)

    Alternative 2: widens the square on all sides (pushing the sidewalks out 12-24 feet) and encourages westbound traffic on New York Ave to take L Street to avoid the square. It turns 9th Street two-way, adds curbside bus only lanes (north and southbound) to 7th Street, and adds a two-way cycle track to 9th Street. (Diagram)

    Alternative 3: makes traffic one-way around the square (similar to Stanton Park or Lincoln Park on the Hill), widens the square, and adds mid-block crosswalks to the square on the 8th Street and K Street axes. 7th Street becomes one-way northbound, paired with 9th Street as one-way southbound. Traffic is discouraged from cutting through from NY to Mass by using L Street. Both 7th and 9th get two-way cycle tracks and curbside bus lanes. (Diagram)

    Alternative 4: has 7th and 9th Street both two-way, with a curbside bus lane and a bike lane between the bus and traffic, and parking lane between the bike lane and two-way traffic. The north and south sides of the square become one-way (eastbound to the south, westbound to the north). This widens the square, only adds mid-block crosswalks to the 8th Street axis, and discourages cut-through traffic on L Street. (Diagram)