3 Responses to “Building Over I-395”


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  1. IMGoph

    anything that gets rid of that freeway and brings back the urbanity of the city is a welcome development. i hope the sale of air rights and re-creation of the city’s grid downtown can happen without too many hitches. i hope they truly do reconnect F and G streets, fixing the errors made by cutting them with the freeway.

  2. si

    While i possibly support development of that stretch of 395 whether its over it or replacing it, I’m concerned about the practice of selecting a developer vs some sort of bidding process with public input. Though this is very different than just another parcel of land.

  3. fourthandeye

    yeah, you’re right Si. When I began writing this up I fully intended to include a mention that this developer was not selected through competitive bidding. That is noteworthy.

    I think I lost my focus a little watching Josh Hamilton hit those 500ft moon shots during the Home Run Derby last night and forgot one of my key talking points =)