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  1. Yellowtavern1

    I like what already seems to be happening. Most of the destination dining in the theatre district, the fast food and some of the quality casual in Chinatown, and some the quality casual along with some of the more interesting and fun places like Buddha Bar in the Triangle. If we stretch and claim The Passenger and PS7 as part of the Triangle, or maybe North Chinatown, then we already have a great collection of what we might call “local destination” places soon to be anchored by international destination Buddha Bar. As someone who bought a little over a year ago in the Triangle because I thought it was going to be a great place to live and easy to get my friends to come to my neighborhood, I am really happy.

  2. Gus

    Let us not forget Kushi! I’m about 50 times as excited about Kushi as I am about Buddha, and I’m rather excited about Buddha!

  3. FourthandEye

    @Yellowtavern1 – We are going to get a mix for sure. I’m not advocating that we should only want quality casual. But I do value personally value additions like Taylor above Buddha when setting aside the real estate investment aspect and focusing purely on day-to-day quality of life. Today I had discussion with a Washingtonpost reporter on living in the Triangle and he used the phrase “typical resident” often in his questions. This got me wondering if I was representative of the typical resident on this issue or in the minority and thus triggered the poll.

    @Gus – I certainly could not forget about Kushi. But do we have any sense of its price points yet?

  4. anything that generates robust foot traffic…I am totally in favor of all options (except really crappy fast food…chopt i looove,the others are dandy) We already live in a place with wonderful options for multiple budgets in easy walking distance that visitors also enjoy – and its only getting better.