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  1. si

    still no movement from them per CID Bill. last time i talked to them was a few months ago. I did hear they had worked out to provide addl. parking for the new safeway. Not sure why they are sitting on those massive parcels, its been many years. at one point we thought they would start to move on the eastern one as the car dealer vanished & they applied to close a dead end alley. but then the car dealer reappeared…:(

  2. fourthandeye

    Si – Are surface parking lots taxed at a vacant rate?

  3. si

    nope. wouldnt be so bad if they bothered to cut the weeds (or got fined) picked up the trash, got rid of the funky chain link…oh that reminds me, there is a giant pile of tires in front of their lot on 400 block of NY Ave this morning. time to call 311!

  4. fourthandeye

    Bummer. I was hoping surface lots were taxed at the higher rate. Give more incentive to Steuart and Wilkes (Mount Vernon Place) to move forward on atleast one of their parcels.

  5. Albert

    Here’s the view from the 4th floor at CityVista (K Bldg) facing 5th street. I took it while at their model unit yesterday. You can see the parking lot.