5 Responses to “Blue Line in I-395 right of way?”


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  1. Richard Layman

    dumb. Better to put the line where people are or will be, rather than where they are not or won’t be. Short term construction convenience that costs ridership isn’t worth it.

  2. fourthandeye

    Richard, I saw you post the same sentiment on David Alpert’s blog. Basically the idea that the separated blue line should just follow Mass Ave because of the population density. However, that Mass Ave approach seems to prohibit having a blue/green transfer at the Mount Vernon Square station. Where would you have those two lines connect? Gallery Place is maxed out – right?

  3. IMGoph

    i think this is a brilliant idea! how ironic would it be to see an inner-city freeway changed over directly to heavy rail? a great re-use.

  4. TJM

    This specific blue line alignment cuts through a residential historic district. The tunnel would turn from M st. to the 395 tunnel underneath houses and a historic church (corner of NY and 4th)– I’m not sure how or if that would work. Following up on Richard’s comment, just because there is a tunnel there doesn’t automatically make it a smart place to put a metro line.

  5. IMGoph

    tjm: i guess it would all depend on the depth of the tunnel. i get the feeling that, most likely, were this line to be built, it would be a cut-and-cover process, which would lead to a taking of houses in the historic district. that’s not good, and i’d rather not see that.

    on the other hand, given the fact that you would have to go deep in order to get underneath the current green/yellow lines at mt. vernon square, the tunneling might be done at a depth where it wouldn’t affect the houses at the surface.