8 Responses to “DDOT suggests cutting 395 to Mass Ave”


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  1. Chris in Eckington

    I use that section of I-395 everyday as do many people who live off of North Capitol Street, so I do not support closing it.

  2. mediocre bad guy

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I definitely prefer the previous proposal to maintain 395 the way it is but to build on top of it.

    I agree with you that this intersection is going to be a giant cluster f*%# if they empty all of that traffic out onto mass ave.

    And then what are they going to do with the tunnel? fill it up with dirt? lol. Theyre still gonna go through the same trouble to build on top of it regardless of whether its in use or not.

    I think we’ve got bigger problems, don’t mess with this!

  3. IMGoph

    i’m personally a fan of this proposal. sure, i live in bloomingdale, and scooting down 1st street to new york ave. and then jumping onto 395 to get to virginia and points south is convenient for me.

    but, in the long run, i think the 11th street bridge project will help to create a more efficient “cut-through” for traffic that is looking to do that, and we will see less traffic on new york ave in the future.

    plus, cars are going to become less and less prominent as a means of transportation. just not economically feasible given the price of fuel.

  4. Anonymous

    terrible idea, sounds like a homeland security nighmare already. make it HARDER for cars/trucks to enter city not easier.


  5. IMGoph

    rr446: it’s not clear if you’re saying this will make it harder for trucks to enter the city center, or if you think it should be harder for trucks to enter the city center. which one is it?

    and why is that a good/bad thing? i’m just curious to see how people are developing their thoughts and opinions about this.

  6. Jeremy

    It’s inconceivable to me how people can ever suggest that removing a section of road will ever make for better traffic management. If the 11th St. bridge project makes that a better route then people will take it, this would alleviate traffic on NY ave 3rd St. tunnel. This is similar to the whining of people in Georgetown about Whitehurst freeway. It was there when you moved in, quite crying. Some of us DC residents use this everyday. (Yes, some of us residents do still drive, I hope that doesn’t offend you).

  7. fourthandeye

    @Jeremy – quit crying? What? I’ll I’m doing is compiling news relevant to the Triangle to hopefully promote discussion. Just because I introduce a news topic doesn’t mean I’m a die hard advocate for it. That’s not what this blog is.

  8. Douglas A. Willinger

    Extending L Street over the northern end of I-395 requires dropping that segment’s grade for the tunnel extension.

    Strange how the planning disregards history: