3 Responses to “High gas prices means America finally gets a clue”


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  1. fourthandeye

    I agree with the sentiment that we don’t need to be slaves to the auto with the wealth of walkable retail and transit options in the Triangle.

    However, as for the Vespa, where do you plan to park it overnight if not in a parking spot? The street? Get some good insurance if that’s the case. I’ve heard those babies are theft magnets :(

  2. DC Jeff

    That is A LOT for a scooter. Maybe something less “sexy” for me. Honda anyone? :) I am interested in a scooter. However, I am keeping parking. 1. It is an investment in the resale value of my place and 2. Suburban friends won’t visit if they can’t park. :( Me get lonely.

  3. si

    aaaah validation!
    we have a 17 yr old honda VFR that gets at least 50MPG & parking it in the city is niiiice. the motorcycle is much better than a scooter for the highway especially since my man must work in ‘ginia for now..