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  1. Chris 555 Mass

    Well, hopefully it will be good. I think it's sad that we don't have any fine-dining Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Where are the white tablecloths and authentic cuisine?

  2. Anonymous

    @ Chris 555 Mass… I agree! It's kind of embarrassing to even call it Chinatown when using it as a landmark or comparing it to Chinatowns in other cities. My favorite Chinese restaurant here is Mei Wah, which is way over in the West End, with a 2nd location in Chevy Chase. With its HUGE popularity, I've often wondered if Mei Wah has ever thought of opening a location in Chinatown. It would be SUCH a GREAT thing! I went to the West End location for dinner on Christmas day. It was absolutely JAM PACKED with people. I could not believe it! I would love to see this same kind of traffic at a reputable Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

  3. Muckraker

    What about Ping Pong dim sum, at 7th and H? Anybody tried it yet? Sure looks fancy to me from the windows.

  4. Anonymous

    Ping Pong Dim Sum is fantastic, tried it last week, very classy place.

    City Vista

  5. Muckraker

    Sorry — I meant it is at 7th and I.