7 Responses to “Shoveling away the Snowpocalypse”


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  1. Anonymous

    5th and Eye lot sidewalks — not cleared. NPS Reservation at Mass between 5th and 6th — not cleared. 915 5th St. and the parking lot sidewalk next door — not cleared.

  2. Anonymous

    Neither 3rd Street nor I Street within MVT have been plowed.

  3. Tim

    NPS does not have even a fraction of the staff they would need to clear the sidewalks of all citywide parks on the same day. The Downtown BID and MVT CID should ideally clear the sidewalks of the parks within their boundaries.

  4. Anonymous

    Snow sucks. It might have been fun on Saturday for those who reenacted their youth. But now we've got days ahead of us of unshoveled or icy sidewalks, barely plowed side streets, and onstreet parking spots that are nearly impossible to get in and out of.

  5. Tom Veil

    The sidewalks at the H/Mass intersection could use some help! The property owners pretty much took care of theirs, but the city hasn't done anything with the parks or overpasses.

  6. Anonymous

    The city and NPS don't do their jobs when it comes to sidewalks. Neither do the parking lot owners (they clear the entrance but nothing else). When is the city going to start fining downtown businesses for not taking care of the sidewalks. This is a pedestrian area.

  7. Anonymous

    SCORE — I just found the phone numbers for the guys in charge of shovelling the NPS parks. Please start calling them and insisting that they shovel the MVTriangle reservations — Sean at 202-359-1551 and Jorge at 202-528-9608.