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  1. Anonymous

    Uh….I'm sorry, but that thing belongs parked outside and they should have told him so.

  2. washingtonydc


  3. pqresident


  4. Anonymous

    I saw him in Safeway on Friday night. His segway had a handicap sign on it.

  5. Tim

    ha, i like it.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah I pretty much hate these things and no that should not be inside….

  7. Anonymous

    I AM the Segway rider. Yes I love Taylor's sandwiches, love my Segway, and hate having to use it to be more mobile. I have nerve damage and the Segway is a very 'green' way to move around. I use it to go anywhere 8 miles or less and definitely leave less of a carbon footprint than most. I have been riding for 6 years and am very agile and going indoors does not endanger anyone.

  8. Anonymous

    I am one of the people (one of many) who benefits from the Segway rider loving Taylor. Do you have any idea how much faster it is to have him pick up the delicious sandwiches than if someone were to walk there?