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  1. John Thompson


    Community Garden!

  2. washingtonydc

    It's great to see that the developers are creative enough to think of alternative ways to make their investments viable in the short-term while keeping their larger goals in mind. Any idea on the time frame of Louis' Rogue selling the building? As much as I love their festive wreaths this time of year, I'm itching for the jazz club.

    And that grassy lot is just begging to be used for some sort of temporary use. A community garden is a great idea…how about a dog park, a food vendor area (like the KC BBQ truck), or an outdoor movie screen or bar in the summer? There's gotta be a million great ideas for that space.

  3. FourthandEye

    A community garden has higher setup costs and requires more planning than an concept centered on vendors. Assuming that any temporary urbanism idea cannot be initiated until after the development team signs the ground lease in April that would mean a community garden would only have one full spring/summer season in 2011. I could be wrong but I would speculate that a community garden needs to operate for several seasons to recoup the initial investment.

    What about vendors along the 5th Street and the 5th and Eye corner with an off-leash dog park setback off the street a little bit to the center of the lot?

  4. Anonymous

    I definitely vote for a dog park! The area has a lot of open grass space, where many people take day time naps. What about a more fun secure place for all of the residents in the area?

  5. Anonymous

    Definitely dog park

  6. Tom

    While community gardens are complicated to setup so are dog parks. DPR has high standards for dog parks that include a drainage system, water hookup and fences installed to a certain code. I believe the best interim uses you could realistically expect are outdoor movies and vendors as those have almost no infrastructure setup costs.

  7. pqresident

    for those of us who couldn't be at the meeting, thanks for the comprehensive update.

  8. Anonymous

    Yes- thanks!

  9. Anonymous

    There is a story on the "pop-up" Target in Georgetown today in WaPo. I say that this would be a great example of temporary urbanism. How about pop-up stores a couple times a month or an Eastern Market type weekend flea market? That would not mimic a "permanent" use like a garden or dog park that the community might get too attached to.

  10. FourthandEye

    Tom makes a good point about Dog Park Standards. I was unaware of the drainage requirement. Ideas that require irrigation, drainage, or other major infrastructure probably need land that they could call home 4-5 years to warrant the investment. The time horizon here is two years.

  11. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure the Shaw Dog Park is temporary (2 years), but I know a lot of work was done behind the scenes to make it happen.

    I do like the idea of vendors on the 5th street side but don't know if there is enough foot traffic to warrant it (no tourists).

    Btw, I've noticed more retail spots open for lease (in addition to fun fair and the old paint store across the street). For example, on 6th street between Mass and K, are two row houses for lease. Maybe we could get a pet store, nail salon, dive bar etc. at one of these places?

  12. KP

    So, do we know when the Louis Rogue is going to vacate the building? Or have they scrapped that idea. Just wasn’t sure, cause I when I read the original post it appears that they will leave once their lease expires and then it should only take 12-18 months before the Jazz club/bar would replace it…is that correct?