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  1. si

    mac n cheese is good? i'm THERE.

  2. John Thompson

    I went to Henry’s yesterday for lunch – I was hoping for more of a restaurant/cafe vs. a counter/carry-out place. That said, it's still much better than having G&J Deli on that corner.

    I will continue to hope that as they settle in, they spruce up the place a bit more. That lineolium floor & flourescent lighting neet to go away… and the bars on the windows are awful as well. I would always get carry out, I would never eat there as it’s not very inviting.

    I think that their food & prices are simply "OK". I wasn't thrilled with the green beans (they're canned), the roll was plucked from a bag of cheap potato rolls found in the bread aisle at Safeway, the chicken was OK, and the pie was too sweet & candied for my taste.

    I'm a huge soul food fan, but I didn't get much soul outta that meal – just cheap store-bought sides thrown with someone's home-made pie & average fried chicken.

    The one thing that was excellent – the mac & cheese!!

    @ Henry's: Please step it up a notch – Busboys & Taylor isn't that much more expensive & the quality is far, far better. I'd rather pass on Henry's & pay for better soul fare elsewhere in DC.

  3. Anonymous

    i go to henrys in maryland and now support them in dc since its near my job.. especially since they risked opening in a struggling economy.
    …its soul food, mostly carryout- the majority of the food is from scratch that i have tried.
    if they inherited bars on the windows and bright lights in a spot that is half way city and half way in the hood…i don't blame them to wait and see before making further changes.

  4. FourthandEye

    I tried Henry's again yesterday. Big thumbs up for the "Dirty Dogs" that are topped with a tasty slow-cooked chili.

  5. Jasmine

    I have been a fan of Henry's for years and was glad to see a location close to my job, which means I can have them almost everyday for lunch (greedy me, lol).

    I LOVE the fried whiting w/mumbo sauce…. my advice "try it"! The mumbo sauce is great on fish, its not the typical chinese carryout mumbo sauce thats all watery…. Its finger lickin good!

    Comparing Henry's to Busboys & Taylors has no relevence, just as you cant compare apples to oranges. Henry's is what it is…. "Soul Food" and in my opinion stands behind that. Oh, and what is sweet potato pie if its not "sweet"….. the sweet potato pie is "OUTSTANDING"! This is why I stand in the line every Thanksgiving to take 2 home to my table.

    Everyone should visit their other locations as well (Oxon Hill & U Str NW) as there is even more on the menu…. like Chitterlings, turkey wings & gravy, t-bone steak, cabbage and home made potatoe salad)

    Henry's gets a 10 from me!!!! I've been a customer for years & I'm not going nowhere…..Luv ya Henry's!


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