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  1. Anonymous

    How about a sidewalk?

  2. IMGoph

    good luck convincing a large DC church to do something that their congregation will believe only benefits "gentrifiers."

  3. Anonymous

    What about a dog park across the street between 4th and 5th on L? That is also a big empty space for now.

  4. John Thompson

    I wanted a sidewalk as well (which would be there anyway as it's required by the city). Keep in mind that this is just a concept to give people a visual as to what the 'hood would look like with a community garden on the lot.

    Maybe I'll throw a sidewalk in there when I get the chance – hopefully one like we have on 4th St with the tree boxes! :)

    Also – I think a dog park on the vacant lot on L St. would be terrific!!

    These are ALL GREAT temp. urbanism ideas! I would love to convince them to simply let the community use & care for the land until they're ready to develop it – it's a win-win situation, we just need to figure out how to successfully present it.


  5. Anonymous

    Do you just have to work with the property owners, or the city as well?

  6. danmac

    The Church was given a legislative 15 year tax exemption in 2006 . Questions to Wells and Kwame Brown remain unanswered. There is a form for non profit real estate tax exemptions which require a planned use and timetable the legislative tax exemption bypasses this form.So the question remains unanswered why this exemption and what is the justification for it. What does the chirch plan to do with this property?