3 Responses to “Foreclosure for Gallery Towers”


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  1. muckraker

    The foreclosure is sad, but I am so tired of skirting around those half-demolished buildings and chainlink fences.

  2. Tom Veil

    If I were the bankruptcy judge, my first question would be, "who can finish the job and bring me a J. Paul's Restaurant that I don't need a bus to get to?"

    Maybe that's why I'm not a judge. :)

  3. Bruce

    Hey, have there been any developments (no pun intended) in the last year or so regarding these lots? I walked by the empty CVS earlier today and saw that it still has signs in the window promising a new, renovated CVS in 2010, and realized that they’re unlikely to make it. It’s kind of embarrassing that this site has sat vacant for so long.