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  1. pqresident

    I've always thought that an eatery would make the perfect use for that firehouse. the driveway lends itself to outdoor eating.

    the only other use I can think of is some kind of very, very niche destination retail…the only "place" of its kind in DC that people would drive/walk/metro to (i.e. Battery Warehouse?).

  2. reflexive

    i can think of some uses:

    1. bocce ball bar
    2. rec center
    3. honest to god local brew pub
    4. youth hostel
    5. art center ( like pyramid atlantic)
    6. venue for live music/theatre
    7. my house
    8. public bathrooms/ tourist information/ metro ticket office
    9. computer terminal usage subsidiary of public library
    10. police, ems other emergency substation
    11. Apple Store
    12. garden store
    13. a family oriented restaurant.

  3. Anonymous

    I love Jack's Firehouse — it's been there for going on 15 years! Good call!

  4. FrenchTwistDC

    While I too would favor turning the firehouse into an eatery of some sort, we have successful example of firehouse reconversions in the neighbourhood already:
    1) Primal Gym on M St between New Jersey & Kirbey (http://primal-fitness.com/)
    2) Kraft's Firehouse Art Studio on R between 9th & 10th
    I would love to see the one on Mass turned into something cool…