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  1. Jad Donohoe

    Austin/Portland-style food cart areas are a great idea. To see how one looks in person, visit the really pretty good Ali Baba Falafel at 7155 Wisc. Ave., Bethesda (seriously, Bethesda).

    It’s exactly the kind of "messy urbanism" that we used to try to legislate out of existence in DC. NPS and DCRA have been the problem in doing anything interesting with DC streetfood (the one for locations, the other for regulations).

    But see:

    Fojol Brothers, Sweetgreen, and On-The-Fly (those green electric taco trucks) are pushing the envelope on this. And note that the founder of On-The-Fly, Gabe Klein, is now the new head of DDOT. So it seems like both OP and DDOT are already on board, with DCRA reluctantly following.

  2. FourthandEye

    Thanks Jad. I was aware of On-The-Fly and Gabe's background. But Ali Baba Falafel is a new name for me. I've just Googled and found some reviews that really make me want to try it out.