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  1. John Thompson

    As a fan of public art and a City Vista resident, I'm really happy to see this finally installed! It's a great addition to the block.

    My only wish would have been for a different color. I (as well) think that a yellow sculpture against a yellow building isn't very appealing & that they wash each other out. Don't get me wrong, I think the color is great on it's own, very happy & cheerful – but I would have gone for a primary blue, a red, an orange or a primary green vs. the yellow. Ah – opinions – we all have em. :)

    Thanks to everyone responsible for planning & implementing public art into my neighborhood's master plan! Hopefully, this will become the standard for DC neighborhoods!!

  2. FourthandEye

    I agree with John that the color is the biggest disappointment. I can't decide in the yellow reminds me more of Caterpillar Construction equipment or of the yellow posts and fare gates you see in a mall parking garage. A blue paint job could radically improve my perception of the piece.

  3. Adam

    Yes, indeed this looks like an unfinished construction project, or a bug from Kafka's Metamorphosis. Not happy at all with it, although in theory, having a sculpture is a good idea. Is this here for good? I can't believe that Andy would allow a sculpture to so obscure the neon lights of Busboys that you see walking up 5th Street, to me it was an oasis of light after walking down the east side of 5th (where 5th & I project will be).

  4. Anonymous

    I agree. In theory a sculpture is a great idea. In practice, this is a terrible addition. The color is awful. The design itself is obnoxious and out of place. It seems like too much of an attempt to be artsy when something classy would have been a much better fit. Personally, I thought the corner was a perfect location for a nice fountain. If it were possible to petition this sculpture I'd be the first one to be on board.

  5. FrenchTwistDC

    Definitely agree that I like looking at the sculpture better than at Louis' Rogue bar across the street ;-)

  6. washingtonydc

    I'm a fan. While the yellow is a bit off, in my opinion, I love that this sculpture is also functional. I am confident that in half a year from now, people will have moved past the criticism and instead find themselves using it as a meeting place. It will help add just the type of energy we went in the neighborhood.

  7. si

    its certainly interesting and conversation provoking just like our neighborhood. I'm happy its a crazy bright yellow bug like thing that gets people talking. The more art the better!

  8. tim

    I actually gagged when I saw this first monstrosity the first time, followed by uncontrollable laughter. I was going to Busboys and was promptly seated facing directly out the window looking at it. It actually ruined my meal.

    I'm very pro-modern and public art, but don't kid yourself, the strip club is less of an eyesore.

  9. Red Machine

    I am going to hold my comments until the scaffolding and tape come off, the light "nubs" go on, and they (hopefully) paint over the welding spots.

  10. Sandy Underpants

    very very very very useful art, as in "I'll meet you by the yellow piece of crap" "right".


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