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  1. Anonymous

    Any update on the strip club turning into a jazz bar?

  2. FourthandEye

    @Anon 9:30 – Once it starts, the renovation of the club could unfold on a much brisker timeline than building the new hotel. However I absolutely wouldn't expect anything with the club to move forward until Donohoe/Holland completes assemblage on 5th Street and finalizes their arrangement for the entire project with the city. There is not adequate incentive for the development team to execute the sales arrangement with the strip club if the rest of the project can't move forward.

  3. Mo

    Good stuff. Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm optimistic and believe in a couple of years there will be a lot more progress made.

  4. FourthandEye

    To followup on my previous comment… Donohoe just announced today that they are about to sign their Letter of Intent and will share more details at the December ANC6C meeting.