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  1. John Thompson

    I think it started this morning! I'll stroll by this evening to confirm. :) I'm looking forward to the construction as I truly hope it drives the transvestitutes, McKenna's Wagon & drug dealers on bikes FAR away. :)

    Doesn't hurt that the construction will also yield a new 4th St. with sidewalks, tree boxes and new lighting! Very exciting!

  2. Anonymous

    As a CityVista resident, anything that improves 4th street (ala the transvestitutes that John mentions) will be welcomed with open arms.

  3. Anonymous

    I saw more signs indicating construction will begin soon up by 4th and L. I agree with the previous posts, I hope this drives away some of the trannie and drug activity. The only down side, navigating the street construction along with the old McArthur building construction going on. Back on the bright side…construction means progress for the area!