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  1. Geeger

    Does anybody know when this might become a reality for the MVT? Years?

  2. FourthandEye

    ETA for Anacostia and H Street NE segments, which are already laying tracks, is 2012. It's unclear to me whether our K Street extension of the H Street NE line would be on that same timeframe.

  3. R&A

    How do these trams fit in with the K street transitway reconstruction re: buses? Shouldn't the planning for these two major redesigns be done simultaneously? I don't recall seeing any tram line contingencies in the bus lane plans that should be moving forward shortly. Aren't they just going to have to redo everything again to add tram lines?

  4. Five K

    Does anyone know if they've made a decision whether to power the streetcars using overhead lines or the more expensive underground option? I've heard that this is one thing that could delay the project.

  5. FourthandEye

    @R&A – They has certainly considered the compatibility of the K Street Transitway for streetcars. However they could not fully integrate the two plans due to deadline to submit the Transitway project for consideration for a Federal TIGER stimulus grant. If they were awarded the TIGER money for the Transitway I am unclear if they could then amend the project to include streetcars or if they would need to finish the Tiger project first then begin the streetcar work…

    @Five-K – The approach they've targeted is a hybrid with overhead wires on most of the route with the ability to run short stretches without wires. I think this is a great approach as it eliminates the two biggest concerns for wires which are 1) obstructing key viewsheds and 2) rats nests of wire at intersections where streetcar lines cross paths perpendicularly. Still the legislation to support any wires has not yet been passed.