4 Responses to “Fourth Street Construction to Start on October 26”


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  1. si

    ah! that explains a lot regarding the plantings…I'm glad this is finally going to happen. itll be interesting to see what impact it has on the homeless feeding, trash, camping, & tranny ho issues.

  2. John Thompson

    Does this mean that the sidewalks/streetscape/lighting on these blocks will be upgraded as well?

    The blocks in front of Madrigal/Dumont are beautiful, I hope 4th between NY Ave & I are upgraded to the same quality. My hope is that a new streetscape & new lighting has the potential to send a message that the neighborhood is changing and that our unwanted elements might take a hint. In a perfect world, these upgrades would make a dent in our transvestitute infestation.

  3. si

    every meeting we talk about the prostitution and every meeting we hear that its been going on for 30, 40 years like that makes it just peachy or acceptable. outreach is great & necessary but it does not stop people from turning tricks, littering, using the vacant areas as a toilet…etc. The one thing thats missing is disruption & 9 months of street construction will perhaps provide that in a major way. Look at 11th street with barricades everywhere & the road all torn up for half a year. We should supplement with the usual stuff like calls to the police (and they DO get counted), community walks & bike rides, fencing, parking & security measures…And dedicated neighbors + the MVTCID have been working on many of these things. So when a gathering is announced, come on out! its really fun.

  4. IMGoph

    glad to see that this is finally happening. it'll be nice to see the massive, bicycle-eating pothole on the 1000 block of 4th street removed!