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  1. si

    Nail salons are NOT just for women. last time i got a pedicure the person next to me was over 80 and male. Its all about maintenance. Guys (& girls…), attend to your funky feet! your significant others will appreciate clean groomed digits.

    i think its a great location for a nail salon….if someone wants to open an indian restaurant in another location, life would be perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    Nothing against the ladies or their nails… but I think we also need a decoration/housewares store for all the new home owners in the area. There are several "cool, hip and modern" establishments on 14th and M street (Georgetown) that could move to the area.

    I also think foot traffic will increase significantly on that block, and any "impulse item"-selling store might benefit from being there.

  3. Anonymous

    Ladies, will you even go to a nail salon next door to a liquor store and AA meetings with a strip club across the street? I understand that this may make a good location for a nail place, but something that would appeal to more people might be better.

    Last time I checked, both men and women, gay and straight, enjoy a good bakery, deli, coffee shop, or something along those lines.

  4. Five K

    I've never had a pedicure but would give it a try – I hate clipping toe nails!

  5. Anonymous

    I bought a condo next to an AA meeting and across from a strip club (and, originally, a crack house– Fun Fair). I definitely would not have a problem getting my nails done next door. By the way, the AA meeting plans to move to cheaper space and the strip club is slated to become a jazz/dinner establishment.

    Alot of the notes on this post seem to be fairly anti-female in tone. I don't get it.