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  1. washingtonydc

    Older, more established neighborhoods like Cleveland Park are seeing tenants flood out of the neighborhood with nothing but vacant storefronts remaining. So looking at how many commercial spots stand vacant in this city, I've really gotta give E&A a lot of credit for attracting quality businesses that will help MVT grow and thrive.

    I almost feel bad for Kushi–they've got a tough act to follow with Busboys and Taylor next door!

  2. FourthandEye

    @washingtonydc – agreed. When I first reviewed the E&A portfolio and saw that was all suburban strips malls and zero mixed use I was concerned. They had no track record with a City Vista style complex. But they've risen to the challenge and tackled the opportunity with gusto.

  3. MVTzen

    I've already been there twice since it's opened. Love the sandwiches and the the marinara sauce is awesome. Dangerous for my wallet, but it's so good!

  4. si

    no mayonnaise…i love it! It is a monster amount of food for the price…a delicious good value. I shall have to take my poppa here for his birthday, he does love a good hoagie ;) Nice to see you fourthandeye!