3 Responses to “DDOT to Unveil Proposed Streetcar System Plan”


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  1. KimFromTheK

    If this map is accurate it seems that this would be a very similar route to (or at least cover the same areas as) the Circulator. Would hours extend past the 9pm timeframe that the Circulator runs to allow people who go out on H NE in the later hours to have alternate means of transportation home? Would the Circulator potentially change its route as a result of this?

  2. FourthandEye

    @Kim – My thought is that the H Street Shuttle that travels between Gallery Place Metro and the Minnesota Avenue Metro will disappear after the street car arrives. That shuttle currently runs after 5pm until the closing of the bars. The streetcar would likely keep the same hours (or atleast mirror metro hours).

    As for the Circulator, I doubt that goes away until the streetcar goes all the way to Georgetown. I don't think they want to eliminate the one seat trip between Georgetown and Union station. But this is all conjecture on my part.

    Keep in mind this will take until a few years to fully materialize.

  3. Tom Veil

    I would prefer to see the streetcar get to the K Street Transitway by taking H Street to the old Convention Center parking lot, and then following the 10th St ROW to K St. Doing that would bring the streetcar right past the Yellow/Green at 7th & H.

    That said, the New Jersey alignment is quite fine, so long as they eventually do find a path around Mt. Vernon Square and down K to the K Street Transitway. It doesn't have to happen in a day or in a year, but eventually, we have to have a network, not just a couple isolated streetcars.