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  1. Anonymous

    I will be able to see it from my window at 555. Love it!! Public art (whatever the genre) is always appreciated.

  2. K person

    First, I'm for public art, it's good. However this peice will probably kill the view from the bus boy's patio, but it wasn't spectacular to begin with. I'm not thrilled it has a bench. Hopefully the homeless won't move in on it, but that seems to be the fate of most benches in the triangle. It looks pretty tall, will the block the view of any of the K residents?

  3. FourthandEye

    The photos of the rendering suggest the scale is roughly 25ft high. So it would not exceed the height of the retail component of City Vista.

  4. si

    Very cool, i love its swoopiness! I cant wait for it to be installed. It'll only improve the busboys view which now includes a couple crappy parking lots.

  5. Shaw Rez

    Cool! Love it!

  6. pqresident

    very cool! thanks for putting these images up and giving us a look ahead. one corner down and three to go.

  7. IMGoph

    any word on how long until the art that will cover the air intake is ready to be installed?