6 Responses to “Shepard Fairey Poster removed in Chinatown”


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  1. John Thompson

    The poster was at 7th & H, on a plywood sheet covering an old CVS broken window.

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone know the latest on this project? Wasn't CVS suppsoed to re-open in 2010? Fat chance of that happening, I'd say…

  3. pqresident

    I think of those posters as urban flare. (for those who know the movie Office Space.) decorative, funky and sometimes strange. definitely urban though! prefer the poster to plywood if there's now working building there.

  4. pqresident

    make that 'urban flair.'

  5. Anonymous

    I believe this at the direction of the DCRA relating to illegal signage / billboards, etc.,

  6. FourthandEye

    @Anon 12:09 – Interesting. I had been wondering if the illegal billboard crackdown would have some consequences unanticipated to it's proponents. Still probably net positive but it's unfortunate to see some of the urban flair artistry removed.