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  1. Anonymous

    BBQ is great!! Blasting music that can be heard for two blocks — not okay.

  2. Anonymous

    Aren't Zipcars parked there? Blasting music is a quick way to become a bad neighbor.

  3. FourthandEye

    Zipcars are on the SW corner of the intersection. This is the parking lot on the NW corner next to the old A.V. Ristorante.

  4. Anonymous

    "BBQ is great blasting music, not OK." Boo-hoo. Call the nanny state and tell them instead of leaving a petulant little dropping on an otherwise fun blog.

    Quit whining and try to have some fun

  5. sheridan

    Thanks for the post! I passed this on my walk home from work yesterday and was wondering how long they would be there. I live in the V and I didn't notice the music.

  6. Anonymous

    No one said "no music" just not music that can be heard for two blocks. That is unnecessary both as a neighbor and a business.

    Calling people "whiners" does little to advance the case in support of having overly loud music blaring for blocks.

  7. si

    Interesting concept, I'm cool with it, adds activity to a usually funky dead corner. I live about a block away and I couldn't hear the music. I didn't notice it being particularly loud when we walked by. There are few immediate neighbors to directly disturb so it should work out ok…

  8. FourthandEye

    I could begin to hear the amplified music from 5th and K as I walked by Busboys. That's two blocks away by foot but only 1 block as the crow flies. Anyway, I was only sharing an observation. Most of the time an observation is just an observation. On the blogosphere all too often a simple comment is construed as a complaint.

    Taking this in a different direction – what do you think of those prices? $7 for a hotdog? Seems they are charging ballpark prices…

  9. Brandon Green

    Very cool addition to the area!

  10. Nate

    I just dropped by and ordered he rib tips for $11 (prices include tax). It was good. Not the best BBQ I have ever had, but the best I have had in DC. It was packed at 3pm on Friday afternoon and they were sold out of ribs and pork, so apparently it is going pretty well. The said they would get more of everything overnight or tomorrow. The music was not loud, but it was still Michael Jackson.

  11. Anonymous

    Without debating whether their level of music is too loud or not — shouldn't they have to go through some sort of approval process or permit to play outdoor music with speakers and agree to decibel levels? Our bars and restaurants currently negotiate this. Why not this place?

  12. CitiVista

    $7 for a hotdog is kind of high, remember back in the summer Safeway had a little set up selling hotdogs for 1 or 2 bucks. Maybe I'm spoiled by Ben's Chili Bowl, but for $7 that better be one tasty hotdog.

  13. si

    downtown is exempted from the noise regulations, thank you jack evans! as far as the noise level …wind could affect it too, i suppose – but personally noise doesn't bother me, i kinda like it! i agree, $7 is a bit pricey for a hot dog :)

  14. FourthandEye

    @Si – the downtown noise regulations that are relaxed are with regards to amplified speech. Not just any noise whatsoever. Right?

  15. Anonymous

    Ugh! A roving BBQ pit playing MJ music up the block from tranny hookers?!? How boring! I'll pass. We deserve better!

  16. Anonymous

    Sweet. I can pick up a tranny hooker and buy it a hotdog on the way for just $7 additional bucks. I love the convenience of the city!!

  17. FourthandEye

    I drove by during the 3rd quarter of the Redskins game yesterday (~3pm) and the BBQ wasn't open. Wonder if they ran out of food again?

  18. si

    not sure actually…ask miles? he knows that issue backwards & forwards :)

  19. John Thompson

    While I would LOVE to see construction of the Waffle Shop start, I (personally) loved looking over there through the weekend to see some vibrant activity & people using the space! I think it's a terrific, temporary use of the site & I welcome it to my neighborhood! I live in City Vista (a block away) and really hope they stick around! The prices need to come down, though. Why would I spend that on their product when I could spend $1-$2 more for a better meal @ Busboys? Great to have you here, KCBBQ, but your prices need a reality check.

  20. pqresident

    I lived in a small town and there was a guy who sold BBQ out of his pickup on a street corner. it was the best BBQ in this town of 45K people. not sure about how City Hall looked at it but that was some good food. this might be the big town equivalent.

  21. Anonymous

    I bought one of the $7 hotdogs late Saturday night. Well worth it. It came with fries and was easily the best hot dog I've had in D.C. Better than the ballpark and way better than Ben's.

  22. SteamingMyLaundry

    Very tasty — I was impressed with the ribs.