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  1. FourthandEye

    I had to cut out of this early to attend a previous engagement. When I left @ 6:40 two parking enforcement officials were issues tickets to seemingly every car parked along the front of the square… Since I didn't drive I don't know when the meters no longer apply on that block – but i would have guessed 6pm. Anyone know for certain?

  2. Anonymous

    I believe that you cannot park there during rush hour. I see them ticket every day as I walk home from the office.

  3. si

    Sorry didnt get a chance to say hi before you left! we had great fun writing all kinds of crazy things on their fancy maps. (anyone for an ice skating rink inside the battleship?) Remember you can email your comments and suggestions to emily.yates@dc.gov if you missed this event. Got something to say about the parks, traffic, bike stuff…etc? Got a brilliant idea for MVSQ, park & 8th st tech world dead zone uses? send it on!