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  1. pqresident

    it's really refereshing to read a positive post about jury duty. many I've met grumble or roll their eyes when they say they've been called down to Indiana Avenue by the DC court system. a democracy and our justice system is a participatory undertaking so when I had my turn a few years ago, I was interested in participating. the judicial alternatives history offers are not so desireable. nicest of all was being able to go home for lunch!

  2. IMGoph

    i was called for a jury this summer, and ended up on a 3 week trial (it was a medical malpractice case).

    ended up meeting an ANC commissioner, former amtrak workers, people from ward 3 to ward 8. it was longer than i would have liked, but still a very interesting experience.

    if i may ask, who was the NG editor (wondering if i know them…)

  3. Scenic Artisan

    i'm curious about what kinds of things they said during the debriefing. i've never sat through that. what kind of advice was given?

  4. KimFromTheK

    @pqresident, Thanks!

    @IMGoph, unfortunately I didn't get her name, but she was recently laid off as part of cuts they made at NGeo.

    @Scenic Artisan, the filled us in on what happened to the defendant's accomplice (he pled guilty and his sentencing trial was taking place the following week), answered questions about circumstantial evidence that they couldn't provide during the trial, and basically wanted feedback to questions like "how did you feel about having the defendant stand trial in his own defanse". We had questions about the jury selection process which they provided answers to as well.

  5. Scenic Artisan

    yeah having known the accomplice pled guilty would be interesting knowledge….

  6. Anonymous

    I was a juror in a trial a couple of years ago (and recently got another notice to serve). The prosecutor and defense attorney did a debrief after that trial, too. During the debrief, we found out that the defendant, whom we found guilty stealing a motor bike, was also awaiting trial for a much more serious and violent crime (attempted murder, IIRC) and was headed back to the slammer no matter our verdict.

  7. si

    I once served on a drug trial and they gave us all kinds of info about the guys mother being arrested for having crack in her underwear & she was pleading guilty.. etc. It was an interesting experience, we found the guy innocent in about 5 seconds but they took longer because they wanted another day off of work..sigh. The weird thing about that trial was that they picked me even though i lived right around the corner in columbia heights. I wasn't a neighborhood busybody back then:)