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  1. Justin

    Did you see any fresh fruit or vegetables? I didn't when I walked by at 5:45 (just coffee, bread, honey, spices and jewelry). Not much of a farmers' market without produce.

  2. Anonymous

    Last week they had two produce guys — really high quality. Hopefully, the produce guys will be back. But definitely try the bread. And buy the coffee if only to support having such a great personality as the vendor in our area. It's a good start. Let's show our buying power so it can grow.

  3. si

    unfortunately the produce vendors didnt make it this week, hopefully nxt wk…we picked up dome delicious spinach feta bread and some really wonderful blended loose tea! please come out and support this market, if we do it can only grow!

  4. ACY

    I love the idea of the neighborhood having a farmer's market and would be happy to shop there, but who has time on a Tuesday between 2:30p – 6:30p? Why isn't this on the weekend like the ones at Dupont or Eastern Market? I just don't see a lot of people having/taking the time during this busy work-time window. Hopefully, these hours will change.

  5. Anonymous

    AYC – I couldn't agree more. When was the last time anyone who can afford to live in this area was home by 6:30?

    I love the idea of a farmers' market, but this is totally worthless to me.

  6. Anonymous

    I live in this area (own) and pass by the market at 5:15 p.m. on my way home from work. Sorry — but we can't help the workaholics out there.

  7. ACY

    I'm certainly not a workaholic and glad you're being helped every Tuesday @ 5:15p as you walk by. I too live in the area and own 1 block away from the market location; however, everyone doesn't clock out from work at 5pm everyday and not sure why you would assume this, especially in this city. We're not all shift workers at the GM plant or someplace! LOL! I certainly wish the market well, but as anonymous (11:18) said, this is rather worthless. Happy shopping to those who can.

  8. FourthandEye

    I can see the point that a weekend market would be more useful for residents who don't also work nearby. But for there are several successful markets that run middle of the week within the district and nearby in Rosslyn where I work.

    Improving Mount Vernon Square as a destination is going to take time. It's going to take many new uses calling the square home and drawing people into it. Once a critical mass of uses and people bloom then more exciting uses may be added. Right now a full fledge Dupont-esque farmers market would not be sustainable. We need to build to that…

  9. si

    well said fourthandeye…

    btw one of thee vendors said they were there til 7pm, maybe thats the case…would also be helpful if there was someone we could direct feedback too?

  10. ACY

    Not sustainable? Are you kidding? Have you not seen the MASS of people at Busboys on a bright & sunny weekend for brunch? I can definitely see these vendors (few or many) selling their produce and wares in the 5th& K vicinity and it would be a HIT on the weekends with the brunch crowd. Taylor's is opening, along with Kushi. That corner will be even more of a people magnet soon. To your point about other markets that operate successfully during the week… Most of those markets are smack dab in the middle of business districts, which are flooded with workers all day. The MVT market is not.

  11. ACY

    Sometimes it would appear that commenting to this blog is a complete waste of time, particularly if you have ideas you think are good ones. They end up being treated as nothing and you end up wondering why you even bothered. Just because someone has published 550 blog posts doesn't mean that everything they have to say is gospel and the best solution to improving our neighborhood.

    Enjoy "your" blog and again, happy shopping on Tuesdays between 2:30p – 6:30p.

  12. si

    anyway…last night MVT Bill imparted some happy news. it looks like there is a good possibility that once the seasonal farmers markets ala PQ close in a month or so, the vendors will be looking to come to our little market which may run into winter! A few of us conveyed the strong desire for later hours…