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  1. Anonymous

    I almost get killed daily at that intersection by cars ignoring traffic laws at both 7th and K and Mass and 9th. If the police would ever ticket the offenders on a repeated basis, we would take care of 90 percent of the problem there for pedestrians. Or — how about a Barnes Dance intersection.

  2. IMGoph

    what do you think about making traffic around the square one-way counterclockwise, like around lincoln park or stanton park on the hill?

  3. Anonymous

    The problem is that the cars are not yielding to pedestrians. They are also turning illegally from the middle lane. And they are speeding around the buses. I don't know that one-way around the square would fix that. But something needs to be done now before we have a major accident.

  4. Anonymous

    There's also a big problem when you come north in 7th – the lane to yurn west (left) onto the square is too small, and traffic builds up in the center lane (esp. traffic coming from K). This causes gridlock at 7th and the SW corner of the square, as well as forcing northbound cars to merge to the far right to get by. I do this sance every day, and every day it's an issue – backing up traffic on 7th sometimes all the way to H.

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry for the typos above. :|

  6. si

    Traffic & pedestrian safety definitely figure prominently in this process. It is so important for neighbors to be heard in this process (hopefully the last in a long line of studies…) If you cant make the meeting to submit your feedback, email your thoughts to emily.yates(at)dc.gov

  7. RobA

    As I stated at the MVSNA meeting last week, if DDOT won't listen to us regarding the dabgerous intersection at 5th and New York Avenues NW, why should we expect them to listen to us now?

  8. FourthandEye

    @RobA – This project is led by Office of Planning (OP). Ultimately streetscape and traffic improvements proposed by OP need to be implemented by DDOT. But at this stage of the process OP is leading the way.