5 Responses to “Renderings for 300 K Street NW”


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  1. PQS

    Nice to see that website finally updated. It hadn't changed in many years.

  2. Scenic Artisan

    all theses maxed out flat topped buildings are killing our cityscape.
    look at these sightlines in noma:

    i do wish there was more room and inclination for variances of rooflines.

  3. IMGoph

    and i wish that everyone wasn't jumping on the ceiling-to-floor glass look all at once.

    at least someday we'll be able to point at them and say "that building was built 2007-2012 (or so)"

    and a lobby just kills the block. smaller entrance space, more retail!

  4. Anonymous

    Seems to have become fashionable to say that you don't like the glass walled office buildings.

    I don't follow. I actually like them. Could there be some more variety? Probably.

  5. Chris L

    I agree with IMGoph. The all glass look is getting stale quickly. I wish more developers would choose designs that mix colors materials: glass, masonry, wood, metal, etc. If I was shown that rendering of #300 K Street out of context, I couldn't differentiate it from the hundreds of similar, existing buildings all over downtown.