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  1. Anonymous

    It's a HOAGIE!

  2. FourthandEye

    FWIW where I grew up it was actually a GRINDER!

  3. si

    lol as a philly native we said hoagie for sure :) man i cant wait for this place to open!!

  4. Anonymous

    You mean a meatball parm I think…

  5. Wes Mantooth

    Seriously cannot wait for this place to open. Will they have a license for beer & wine (can't remember from most of my pilgrimages to H St NE if they have it there)…

  6. Anonymous

    According to their website, 30 wines under $30, as well as Italian and artisan beers. I assume this means you can drink them in the restaurant, but maybe not.

  7. Anonymous

    The H St NE location sells beer & wine but only for take out. You can't drink there.


  1. [...] The down lighting when you enter the restaurant is nine 5 gallon drywall buckets with lighting fixtures inside to create a clean glowing feel. In addition we have created a 6×6 communal table from scratch using scrap steel left over from the hand fabrication of our counter tops and signage. The table top will be reclaimed floor joists from a recent renovation David and I completed” (FourthandEye) [...]