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  1. IMGoph

    it's good to see the curb line is going to be bumped out on the southwest corner of 6th and mass. now, if they could just do more of the same on the other nearby corners where drivers have been given precedence over pedestrians.

  2. muckraker

    This is a great, great idea. The surfeit of green space and trees in our neighborhood is depressing to me. Cities do not have to be all concrete and neon; just take a look at the Farragut North or West areas. It will be nice to have more of that over here as well.

  3. Anonymous

    It is a great, great idea; I hope it happens. I also hope they eventually enlarge the small adjacent Reservation 73 pedestrain island to incorporate the area now striped as off-limits. Do you know where we can find a copy of the Downtown BID area streetscape plan? Does anyone know if it received ARRA fudning or when reconstruction might begin?