8 Responses to “Press on latest PFZ in MVT”


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  1. SteamingMyLaundry

    We do need both "carrot and stick." Characterizing the effort as "comical" sends the wrong message to the police, especially when the community has worked hard to attract law enforcement attention to the problem.

  2. FourthandEye

    @SML – comical is more incendiary than I would have liked. But my overall point is I didn't expect Shallal to support the PFZ.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree that we need carrots and sticks, and targeted, enhanced enforcement of laws is occasionally necessary, but "comical" is not so far off the mark. I mean, prostitution and public sex acts are already illegal 24/7/365, so the concept of a PFZ within certain street boundaries up until a certain date does seem kind of silly. It sends the message that these ladies/men should ply their trade elsewhere until the PFZ expires, then they're free to return. What kind of message is that?

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with Shallal, the crackdown is comical.

    Placing a sign that says "no prostituting" won't solve anything. We need to address the root causes of the problem otherwise problems will continue to grow

  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps it wouldn't be so "comical" to Shallal if the prostitution was directly in front of Busboy and Poet's door like it is for some residents of that block. Perhaps if he would work towards addressing the issues of the neighborhood and not making a joke of it, we could work on addressing both the problem and the root cause.

  6. DCThrowback

    What are the root causes?

    Someone please say economic injustice.

  7. FourthandEye

    @DCThrowback: I tend to agree – that's why I said "perceived root causes". I work in Rosslyn which in urban fabric is very similar to downtown DC. Over my 8 years in Rosslyn I've never seen a prostitute. Does that mean Arlington solved the root causes? I sincerely doubt it. My guess is they have more enforcement tools and stiffer penalties than DC.

    Still, there we all have different ideas on this subject. I don't begrudge Shallal for having his own notions.

  8. John Thompson

    I just want them (the prostitutes) to GO AWAY.

    They draw johns, drugs and drug dealers to the neighborhood.

    The fact that the police aren't (generally) more agressive about discouraging prostitution is pathetic.