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  1. si

    I mostly agree with you. that lot at 300 block of NY is the biggest nightmare on cleanup day. we collected bag after bag of unmentionable refuse 2x/year…cary mowed it & someone:)…took down that nasty billboard only to have another stronger one spring up in its place. infuriating.

    i too like the big one at the hampton inn & its totally legal as is jemal's wraparound at 11th & K. but i do have issue with the latter on which i am always happy to rant about. though jennifer aniston is admittedly attractive eye candy, especially in comparison to the usual boring car ads that frequently grace that corner, this is still a case of slumbanking at its worst! imho it is NOT ok for jemal to let a historic mansion rot while raking in 5k a week for the giant sign he bolted onto it! DC is supposed to have a law that an owner cannot post advertising on a vacant property but this one gets a pass. and dont get me started on the poo colony that used to be there before he got around to erecting a fence. it was really bad.

  2. fourthandeye

    Perhaps I didn't make my point well. I conceded that I think the Aniston ad is vacant slumbanking and for that reason should be fall under the violation category.

    But I do think it's a slick and attractive advertisement and merits a home somewhere else. I think it is artful as I like the combination of the sepia-ish photography with the splashes of blue color. Then secondarily JA is eye candy…

    Out my Madrigal window I see the Lexus billboards affixed to Carmel Plaza 365 days a year. They don't bother me, but I would prefer a more interesting rotation of ads than constant pictures of cars…

  3. Blue Specks

    I agree with si. I have seen that building there for years now and think it has so much character. I think it would be great for someone to restore it.