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  1. Anonymous

    Did it. Loved it. If there is a trapeze school in the 'hood, one must do it. By the way, they managed to make even the hardest cases successful with their trapeze endeavor. Wonderful instructors.

  2. Anonymous

    I've taken a few classes. It is an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it. The instructors are friendly and helpful. All of my fellow students have also been incredibly encouraging and friendly. The first class is a bit expensive, $50 plus a one time administrative fee around $20, but if you sign up for additional classes on the day of your first class, you get 2 for $55. Great deal!

  3. si

    a fb friend posted some pics and it looked like a really good time! might be a bit much for my ample rear;) but such a neat thing to have in the hood!

  4. Brandon Green

    Some friends went there last week and loved it.